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American Pole & Timber supplies oak and hardwood timbers as well as cedar, redwood, and Douglas fir timbers. Almost any size you need is available within days. Most of our timbers are rough cut and can be milled smooth (S4S) at your request.

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Oak & Hardwood Timbers

Oak timbers and other hardwood timbers are often used for projects ranging from trailer decking to high end equipment saddles. Oak and hardwood timbers are very strong and naturally resistant to rot and decay. Oak and hardwoods come in almost any dimensions and can also be custom cut to any special dimensions.

“Mixed” hardwood is also available in bundle quantities at very low prices for use in industrial applications such as blocking or sticks for pipe yards.

Common Uses Oak and Mixed Hardwoods:

Cedar, Redwood, Doug Fir

Cedar, redwood, and Douglas fir timbers are often used for projects ranging from fireplace mantles to unique, structural, high-end timber truss systems. We can custom cut your order in almost any way you like including corbels and rafter tails and special lengths or dimensions. We also build timber trusses and other structural wood systems.