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Custom Challenge Course Materials & Solutions

We supply long-lasting structural components for ropes courses, zip lines, and challenge courses.  From specialty cables, hardware, and fasteners to treated wood or uniform poles, we have a full range of custom building materials to build your adventure park.

Unmatched stock of timber products and unmatched custom production capabilities.

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Fast Quotes & Info
1 (800) 716-0636

Fast Quotes & Info
1 (800) 716-0636

Poles, Timbers, Posts, Lumber, Hardware

Get all the structural wood components you need to build your ropes course or zip line. Poles and timbers are available in almost any treatment level, including marine treatments, and all wood can be custom cut or drilled to meet your design requirements and save labor time during construction.

Treated Round Poles & Posts

Available in nearly any diameter and length, your treated poles and posts from American Pole & Timber will be long-lasting and straight.

Treated Timbers & Lumber

Order treated timbers of almost any dimension in lengths up to 44′ (some longer). Southern yellow pine is the most popular choice because of its excellent strength and workability but timbers are also available in other species such as cedar. Treated timbers are available with rough or smooth finishes.

Zip Line & Ropes Course Hardware

We maintain a complete line of large and hard-to-find galvanized and stainless steel zip line and ropes course hardware and fasteners such as:

  • Cable (Aircraft Cable / Wire Rope)
  • Cable Clamps
  • Cable Grabs
  • Fist Grips
  • Guy Anchors
  • Rapid Link
  • Serving Sleeves
  • Staples
  • T-Nuts
  • Thimbles
  • Turnbuckles
  • Carriage bolts
  • J-bolts
  • Timber-bolts
  • All-thread

Unique Ropes Course Products

No-taper poles and poly coated wood components can make your ropes course easier to build, longer lasting, more usable, and better-looking.

Solid Uniform Diameter (SUD) Poles

Non-tapered Solid Uniform Diameter (SUD) poles are ideal for horizontal elements of ropes courses. With the same diameter from end to end they are easier to design and build with and are more reliable for your course’s users. Used vertically (referred to as Structural Foundation Columns), they give the structural elements of your ropes course a more uniform appearance and scale.

Polymer Coated Wood

For ultra long-lasting poles and structural elements, use Polyshield polymer coated wood. Your wood components can be partially or completely coated with the ultra-tough polymer membrane that binds to wood, protecting it from moisture, rot and decay, fungus, insects, and foot traffic.

Coating structural wood components with our special polymer coating can easily double their useable life expectancy.

Zip Line Canopy Tour Course Materials

We have all of the wood components you need to build strong, long-lasting, fun, and great looking zip line courses.

The locations of zip line courses often don’t make construction easy. With our No-taper Solid Uniform Diameter poles and huge supply of poly coated wood components, your zip line course will be easy to build, longer lasting, and stronger than ever before.

Custom Cutting & Drilling

Save assembly time and labor costs. Order your ropes and challenge course materials pre-cut and pre-drilled to your specifications. Send us your drawings with measurements and your materials will be delivered ready for installation. Pre-cut and pre-drilled poles components are always a popular choice among our clients building zoos, ropes and challenge courses, water parks, marinas, and other projects with especially unique materials requirements.

No matter the size or scope of your challenge or ropes course, you will find all the long-lasting poles, timbers, posts, and lumber you need at American Pole & Timber.

post pre drilled
Wooden Log Steps
Play Structure Constructed With Gun Barrel Pilings
Wooden Log Steps