IPEMA Certified Wood Playground Chips

Safeguard Your Playground with IPEMA-Certified Chips

Made from high-quality, impact-absorbing fibers, our IPEMA-certified playground chips create a safer, drier play space for children. These chips help cushion falls, reducing the risk of injuries on playground surfaces.

100% Natural and Safe

Wood playground chips are a natural alternative for those interested in sustainability. Our “Play grade” wood chips are made from untreated southern yellow pine and other natural woods.  All of our environmentally friendly playground chips are free of additives, metals, plastics, chemicals, and any non-wood fiber debris. This ensures a safe and natural environment for children at play.

Meeting the Highest Standards

Our kiddie cushion meets the strict standards set by the International Playground Equipment Manufacturers Association (IPEMA) for engineered wood fibers. This certification guarantees the quality and safety of our product.

The Perfect Choice for Your Playground

With their superior impact absorption and commitment to safety, our IPEMA-certified playground chips are the ideal choice for your next playground project.

  • Ideal for city parks, school’s playgrounds, and private playground settings
    • ASTM F 1292-04 (Impact Attenuation of Surface Systems Under and Around Playground Equipment)
    • ASTM F 2075-04 (Specification for Engineered Wood Fiber for Use as a Playground Safety Surface Under and Around Playground Equipment, Performance Requirement for Tramp Metal)
  • We have reasonable freight rates! Our fleet trucks can deliver 25yds and 40yds of Playground chips at a time within a 120 mile radius our location.
  • We are fully insured, and our products contain liability insurance.
  • We can mail out samples of our product upon request.
**We are recycling and repurposing untreated southern yellow pine as well as other natural woods from our manufacturing processes.

Use the calculator to find the number of Cubic Yards of material needed to do your project.

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Playground Calculator

Simply enter the Width and Length of the area, then select a desired Depth of the mulch.
Recommend depth for most playgrounds is 12” deep after settling/compaction.

1 Cubic Yard Covers 21 Square.


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For Circular Areas



IPEMA 1292


To verify product certification, visit www.ipema.org and conduct a search.