Wood Bridge Materials

Bridge Design or No Design: No Problem

From ideas to delivery and everywhere between, American Pole & Timber can help make building a wood bridge easier for you. Whether or not you have a design, we can get you started and help make your project go smoothly. Most people who are starting a bridge project fall into one of these three categories:

  • Need a bridge design, engineered drawings, & materials
  • Need engineering & materials (basic design is already decided)
  • Need bridge materials only

Whichever category you are in, we can accommodate your needs.

Wood Bridge Materials

We supply and deliver all the wood bridge materials you need including:

American Pole & Timber has been supplying wood bridge materials since 1993. Our bridge project experience ranges from Department of Transportation (DOT) timber bridges to golf course bridges to pedestrian bridges.

Our experience, excellent stock, and custom wood manufacturing capabilities mean you will get the materials and assistance you need to make your wood bridge strong, long-lasting, and beautiful.

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