Industrial Wood Products

American Pole & Timber produces industrial wood products for storing, supporting, protecting, and transporting large or heavy equipment and commercial assets.

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Our Wood Products for Industry:

  • Support Saddles for Horizontal Pressure Vessels
  • Pipe Supports
  • Fender Systems for Ports, Docks, and Marinas
  • Blocks, chocks, and Cribbing
  • Custom Skids or Oversized Crate Components
  • Shoring & Tunneling  Support Components
  • Other Custom Industrial Wood Products
  • Shaft Timbers
  • Shaft Lagging
  • Tunnel Lagging
  • Wedges
  • "Curve" Sets

Protective coatings are available on most products to protect your equipment from scratches and scrapes.

Call 1 (800) 716-0636 or contact us online to discuss your requirements. Our project consultants will work with you by phone, fax, and email to share plans and drawings to build your products to your specifications.

Equipment Support Saddles & Pipe Supports

We are experts at producing custom support saddles and pipe supports for the storage and transport of horizontal pressure vessels and steel pipes. Our support saddles and pipe supports are made of solid hardwood and steel hardware components to your specifications. Learn More.

To order support saddles, complete the simple support saddles form with your specifications and other information. One of our project consultants will contact you shortly to get started on your quote and order. If you need multiple sizes, please fill out a separate form for each size.

For help with the form call us toll free at 1 (800) 716-0636 and we will be glad to help. 
Learn more about wood support saddles

Marine Fender Systems

Our custom marine fender systems are protecting the waterfronts at ports, marinas, docks, and piers across the country.

We can turn your blueprints or drawings into strong and long-lasting fender systems delivered to your site ready for installation. If you need a design, we will connect you with the best engineer for your project and produce the best fender system for your location and requirements.

For extra longevity, consider coating your marine fender system with our polymer coating which encapsulates the treated wood in your fender system and protects it from harsh water, chemicals, and wood-boring organisms such as barnacles.

Wood Blocks, Chocks, & Cribbing

For the support and transport of numerous projects we supply wood blocks, chocks, and cribbing of almost any size. Available in treated or untreated pine or hardwoods, your blocks, chocks, or cribbing can be cut to your specifications.

Shoring & Tunnel Support Components

We manufacture components for shoring and tunnel support projects. No matter how big or small -- or how complex -- your shoring or tunnel project may be, we can make whatever you have in mind to meet your safety standards and keep your project moving forward.

From standard lumber or vinyl shoring to complex custom timber shoring components, American Pole & Timber can supply what you need.

Custom Industrial Wood Products

From crane mats to wave groins to coffer dams and countless other made-to-order requests we manufacture custom industrial wood products and components. We can make the industrial wood components or systems you need!