Miscellaneous Products
Mantels, Karate Dummies & More!

Wood Mantels

American Pole & Timber can custom create and build any wood fireplace mantel or mantel shelf based on your specifications. We offer a variety of different woods to choose from such as oak, cedar, redwood, and Douglas fir.

Karate Dummies

Custom cut wood poles for karate dummies are hard to find. Bring us your design and we will manufacture it for you. With American Pole & Timber’s expertise in custom wood production, we are able to custom cut almost any order.

Engineered Wood Fiber

American Pole & Timber offers engineered wood fiber to be used as playground mulch, dog park topping, horse arena surface and similar applications.

American Pole & Timber Quality and Service

Buying materials from American Pole & Timber means you will build with the best materials and our custom manufacturing capabilities provide you with more options for designs and solutions. Our capabilities are your capabilities.