Cedar Timbers

Sizes Available

Square cedar timbers are commonly available in dimensions up to 12″x12″ in lengths up to 24 feet. However, we can supply nearly any size or longer lengths you need. Simply tell us what you need and we’ll get you a price. Timbers are quoted full-rough. If you want smooth (S4S, planed) timbers, please request them.

Cedar lumber is available in regular dimensional lumber sizes such as 2×4, 2×6, 2×8, 2×10, 2×12, 4×4, and so on — basically all the dimensions and lengths in which pine lumber is available.

Round cedar logs are also available in both natural rough or as no-taper uniform diameter Gun Barrel poles.

Types of Cedar Available

The most common species of cedar we supply is Western Red Cedar. We can also supply you with Port Orford and Juniper. When you request a quote on “cedar” we will probably start with Western Red unless you specifically request another type.

Can You Treat Cedar?

Yes, your cedar timbers can be pressure treatment but it is not necessary to increase the life of your structure. The best protection for your outdoor cedar wood is an occasional application of high quality stain or sealant.

Cedar falls into the category of “naturally resistant” wood, meaning it is generally resistant to attack by insects. Cedar’s density only allows for topical treatment (roughly 1/4″ chemical penetration) and, like pine, cedar’s heartwood will not be penetrated by the treatment chemicals.

If your cedar timbers will be used as posts or will be in contact with the ground, we can coat the ground contact areas with our special polymer coating to ensure minimal damage caused by insects or moisture.

Other Information About Cedar

Common uses for cedar timbers include:

Custom cutting and drilling is available for your cedar timbers. Save time on your project or avoid buying new tools for over-sized cuts or drilling. We work from your specifications and instructions to deliver your materials pre-cut or pre-drilled and ready to install.

Gun Barrel Pilings Western Cedar Pergola