Timber Trusses & Corbels

American Pole & Timber manufactures a variety of custom structural and architectural products including beautiful structural timber trusses, large custom wood corbels and rafter tails, and solid uniform diameter columns.

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Timber Trusses — Custom Designed & Engineer Approved

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Custom White TImber Trusses

Solid structural timber trusses of any length or design; we can manufacture large timber trusses for your project and can provide engineer-stamped timber truss drawings in all 50 states. Whether you need one timber truss or one hundred, we make it easy for you to move from design to job site installation. Learn more about our custom structural timber trusses.

Design Assistance

For design assistance with your timber trusses use the timber truss project form or contact one of our Project Consultants at 1 (800) 716-0636. They will make it easy for you to decide upon the best size and shape for your structural and aesthetic needs as well as costs and time.

If you already have your design and timber truss drawings, simply call us at 1 (800) 716-0636 or contact us online to discuss your timber trusses and get started on your quote and project.

We have built numerous impressive structural timber trusses with many kinds of wood including Douglas fir, cedar, and southern yellow pine and have a very successful track record. Learn more about our custom structural timber trusses and how easy it is to order them.

Custom Corbels & Rafter Tails – Up to 17 Inches Wide

We produce beautiful custom corbels and rafter tails up to 17 inches wide for exterior applications such as custom homes, patios and gazebos, commercial structures, and beach homes.

We treat corbels and rafter tails after cutting so every part of your exterior custom corbel is effectively protected from harmful elements.

The ordering process is simple – just print the wood corbels and rafter tails order form and call us at 1 (800) 716-0636.

Learn more about wood corbels and rafter tails.

Reclaimed-Timber Timber Trusses

Available upon request are timber trusses made with reclaimed timbers and lumber. Whether you want to use reclaimed timbers for environmental reasons or simply because you want a specific “look” we can produce custom reclaimed-timber timber trusses based on your design. Learn more about trusses made from reclaimed timbers.

Engineered Lumber

In addition to manufacturing Timber Trusses and Mechanically Constructed Beams, we also supply Engineered Lumber (LVL, PSL, LSL). This is fabricated lumber composed of wood products (veneer, wood chips, oriented strands, or some combination) and bonded by long-lasting adhesives to ensure the structural integrity.

The Advantages of Engineered Lumber

  • Significantly higher design stresses than conventional lumber
  • Higher allowable horizontal sheer stress than traditional sawn timbers.
  • They are available in architectural grades.
  • Can be pressure treated to retention levels allowing for above ground use and ground contact.
  • They are capable of bearing heavier loads than traditional sawn timber.
  • They can be used in applications requiring longer spans.
  • Engineered lumber is aesthetically pleasing – they can be used in designs demanding the strength of steel but with the look of wood.
  • When pressure treated, engineered lumber will last significantly longer.

American Pole & Timber Quality and Service

Buying materials from American Pole & Timber means you will build with the best materials and our custom manufacturing capabilities provide you with more options for designs and solutions. Our capabilities are your capabilities.