Vinyl Sheet Piling for Bulkheads & Retaining Walls

Everything You Need for a Vinyl Bulkhead

Our vinyl sheet piling will give your bulkhead or retaining wall unmatched longevity, strength, and erosion protection.

We can help you choose the vinyl sheet piling profile that is right for your project and your property. Everything you need for your bulkhead -- vinyl sheet pilings, treated wood, fastener kits, and hardware included – can be delivered as a ready-to-build package.

Longevity and Cost-Effective Construction

Cost-Effective Construction. Many of the vinyl sheet pilings from American Pole & Timber can be handled and installed with relatively light equipment. Furthermore, with 12 inches (18 or 24 inches in some series) of coverage per panel, installation is fast, saving you time and money in expenses.

60-Year Warranty

UV-resistant, window-grade PVC mean your vinyl sheet pilings will stand the test of time -- in the constant blazing sun, through battering storms, and never-ending wave action. That's why your Tidewall vinyl sheet pilings come with a 60-year warranty. Let your great-grandkids worry about replacing the bulkhead.

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Excellent Prices, Design Assistance, Timely Delivery

You can count on excellent prices from American Pole & Timber — usually the lowest vinyl sheet piling prices you will find. The knowledgeable project consultants at American Pole & Timber will help you select the best profile for your project and choose the best hardware and wood components.

Your delivery will be timely and accurate. All orders are checked and re-checked before shipping and we have multiple delivery options including special on site forklifts to make unloading simple for you and your crews.

Commercial and Industrial Composite Bulkhead and Retaining Walls

Our Project Consultants can help you optimize your seawall or bulkhead structure for free. We can prepare and ship your retaining wall or bulkhead so you will be ready to build when it arrives.

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Technical Papers

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Technical Drawings

Document NameDWG
V-1890 Profile (TW-30)
Tidewall TW-50
V-1590 Profile (TW-70)
V-1857 Profile (TW-95)
Tidewall TWSC Standard Corner
Tidewall TWLC