Long Lasting Poly-Coated Wood

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Polymer Coated Wood

Our Polyshield® polymer wood coating adds incredible longevity to many applicable wood products. The polymer wood coating protects from marine borers, termites, UV rays, and rot.

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Fast Quotes & Info
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Long Lasting Polymer Coated Poles

Use Polyshield® Protective Wood Coating for Ultra Protection

Get the most life from your poles and pilings with our amazing poly wood coating, a protective polymer coating engineered for use on wood. The special coating bonds to wood, creating a protective barrier that is impenetrable by marine borers or termites.

Engineers and contractors offer poly coated wood to set them apart as offering a product no one else can offer. It is a cost-effective value-add upgrade for customers, creating a product that will last virtually forever. For example, a fence built using treated posts zone coated with poly coated wood will NOT rot at the ground line.

Utility Companies Using Poly Coating Wraps

Utility companies benefit from the amazing polymer coating with savings of labor and materials costs. The benefits of poly coated poles for a utility company are simple.

Poly wood coating Ground Line Zone Coating for Utility Poles:

  • Prolongs the useable life of the pole.
  • Prevents the need for wrapping the pole in the future – saving material and labor cost.
  • Assures environmental protection.
  • Is applied at our product facility – no on site labor is required.
  • Can be drilled or cut if necessary.

Polyshield coated wood also assures environmental protection because it prevents the leaching of the chemicals used for treating the wood into the surrounding soil or water.


Our special polymer coating is an incredibly tough polymer membrane that bonds to wood, preventing destruction from marine borers, dry rot, and termites. Poly coated wood resists harmful UV rays and the effects of freezing.

Polyshield® Polymer Wood Coating Adds Incredible Longevity to:

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Passes Building Codes with Flying Colors

Polymer coated materials can pass any building code tests and standards. Our unique polymer coating was created to increase the service life of building materials so engineers and architects need only specify the dimensional lumber required for the job. The poly coating can be added after specifications with no problems.

Cut & Saw to Your Requirements

You can cut and saw poly-coated wood to your required lengths and shapes. Then you can brush over the exposed area with the poly-coating field patch kit.


The standard colors for polymer coating are brown and Forrest Green. For custom colors please call us at 1 (800) 716-0636 or contact us online.

Polymer Coating:

  • Prolongs the useable life of your materials and total project.
  • Can be used for ZONE Coating poles and pilings at the water or ground line.
  • Can be applied to wood or steel.
  • Assures environmental protection.
  • Is applied at our production facility – no on site labor required.
  • Can be drilled or cut if necessary.

Poly coated wood also assures environmental protection because it prevents the leaching of chemicals used for treating the wood into the surrounding soil or water.

Additional Applications for Poly Coated Wood

Polymer coated wood also effectively adheres to, and protects, steel in harsh environments to prevent rust and corrosion.

Originally created for use on marine structures such as piers, bulkheads, and docks, our unique polymer wood coating is valuable for protecting metal structures or components including:

  • Trailer beds
  • Metal Stair cases
  • Industrial-use bed liners
  • Steel & Wood house pilings
  • Steel sheet pilings
  • Oil well applications
  • Pipeline fittings
  • Saltwater injection site corrosion prevention
  • Zoo, Theme Park, and Water Park Components

Long Lasting, User Friendly, Stronger than Alternatives, Cost Effective. Polymer coated wood from American Pole & Timber is yet another way we can lower your Total Cost of Ownership. Call 1 (800) 716-0636 or contact us online now to discuss your project with one of our experienced Project Consultants. Ask about polymer coated wood.

Physical Properties of Poly-Coating:

Nominal mil thickness35-50 mil
Elongation @ 25°C/77°F585% +/-50
Tensile Strength3000psl +/-100
Tear Resistance480 +/-50PLI
Hardness90 +/- Shore A
Abrasion Resistance210mg/1000rev/H-18 Wheel