Timber Fender Systems

American Pole & Timber supplies all the timbers, pilings, wales, chocks, and hardware you need for timber fender systems.

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Cost-Effective Lifecycle

Timber fender systems are cost-effective throughout their long lifecycle – from their initial low cost to their low maintenance and repair requirements. Treated timbers and pilings are proven as durable and long-lasting materials for fender systems and have been used worldwide by private and public facilities alike.

Treated timbers and pilings from American Pole & Timber are resistant to attack from marine borers, fungus, and other types of decay. Coating your timber component with our polymer coating provides an additional layer.

Custom Drilling & Cutting

Your fender system components can be pre-drilled and pre-cut according to your specifications. Pre-drilling and pre-cutting timbers and pilings before they pressure treated ensures all parts of your timber fender system components are effectively treated for maximum protection.

Protective coatings are available on most products to protect your equipment from scratches and scrapes.

Call 1 (800) 716-0636 or contact us online to discuss your requirements. Our project consultants will work with you by phone, fax, and email to share plans and drawings to build your products to your specifications.

Polymer Coated Fender System Components

Get the longevity of composite fender system components with all the strength of timbers. Our special poly coating was designed for use in harsh saltwater environments. Additionally, the poly coating encapsulates the pressure treated wood — keeping the treatment in the wood where it belongs. It is great for the environment and maximizes the life of your wood components as well.

Marine Hardware and Custom Hardware

American Pole & Timber supplies large marine hardware and custom fasteners often required for timber fender systems. As with your timber components, we can apply special coatings to maximize the life of your hardware. Simply tell us what you need.

We look forward to working with you. Call our knowledgeable professionals at 1 (800) 716-0636 or contact us online to discuss your timber fender system project.