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American Pole & Timber supplies a complete line of building materials for long-lasting wood and vinyl bulkheads. Regardless of the size of your bulkhead, we can supply all the materials you need, along with all required hardware, in a ready-to-build package. See also: Vinyl Sheet Pilings

Fast Quotes & Info
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Fast Quotes & Info
1 (800) 716-0636

Easy to Order

When you call or contact us online our knowledgeable project consultants can help you select the best materials for your bulkhead based upon where you are building, the depth of the water, and the size of your wall. Simply describe your project and we'll guide you in the right direction.

Vinyl Bulkhead Materials — Most Cost Effective

With the lowest life-cycle cost, vinyl bulkheads are the most cost-effective option in the long term. You can expect the vinyl sheets to last more than 50 years and while you may want to replace some of the wood components during that time, you will not have the additional material and labor expenses of replacing the vinyl sheet pilings.

Parts of a vinyl bulkhead include:

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Vinyl sheet pilings are available in multiple colors, install easily, and are backed by the manufacturer’s warranty. Learn more about vinyl sheet pilings. We may also be able to recommend a trustworthy installer in your area.

Which Treatment Should I Choose?

The level of treatment your wood needs depends upon the kind of water you are building in. For most cases you will need .60pcf retention level in fresh water and 2.5pcf in brackish or salt water. You should apply the same rule to the wood components in a vinyl bulkhead.

Wood Bulkhead Materials - Inexpensive

Wood bulkheads are the least costly wall option from a first-cost perspective. They are effective and give your waterfront a somewhat natural look.

Parts of a wood bulkhead include:

  • Pilings (Round or Square)
  • Wale
  • Center Match (special tongue and groove)
  • Filter Cloth (Geotextile)
  • Top Cap (optional)
  • Tie Rods
  • Deadmen
  • Hardware – Bolts, Nuts, Washers, Screws/Nails

Delivered Ready to Build

Your bulkhead materials can be shipped to you in a complete ready-to-build package including all the bulkhead materials and hardware components you need. We deliver daily!