Bringing Architectural Visions to Life

American Pole & Timber partners with WholeTrees Structures


In the world of sustainable architecture, American Pole & Timber has joined forces with WholeTrees Structures to transform architectural plans into reality. This partnership brings together the strengths of both companies to create unique and environmentally responsible projects, exemplified by the Children’s Museum of Eau Claire.ME 24 0203 WHT cmec 13 1 scaled

WholeTrees specializes in creating plans that utilize unmilled, round tree trunks, leveraging their natural curvature and inherent strength. Enter American Pole & Timber who manufactures this approach and brings it to life. The integration of 3D scanning and advanced software is a cornerstone of this collaboration. These technologies enable the creation of detailed models, allowing the architects to push the boundaries of structural creativity. This fusion results in spaces that evoke a deep connection with the natural world.  

A prime example of this partnership’s success is the Children’s Museum of Eau Claire in Wisconsin. This project highlights the commitment to sustainability and innovation. The museum’s trusses, made from round tree trunks, serve as breathtaking natural elements that captivate visitors and remind them of nature’s enduring presence.

The museum’s design incorporates custom steel connections, creating a symbiotic relationship between steel and whole tree trunks. This combination maximizes structural integrity while minimizing environmental impact, leveraging the strengths of each material—steel excels in compression, while wood excels in tension.

By promoting the utilization of whole trees, WholeTrees Structures and American Pole & Timber contribute not only to architectural excellence but also to the economic vitality of local communities and regions. This partnership exemplifies how innovative practices in sustainable architecture can create spaces that are both environmentally responsible and visually captivating.

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For more information about WholeTrees and their projects, visit their website or contact American Pole and Timber to explore how this innovative partnership can bring your architectural visions to life.



Reference Article: James McCown