Galveston’s Terramar Beach Homes built on Gun Barrel Pilings®

Another beautiful home built on Gun Barrel Pilings® by SL Walker. 

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Located on Galveston Island, tucked away between the Gulf of Mexico and West Bay, you’ll find a little slice of oasis in a community called Terramar Beach. “Nestled at the west end, Terramar Beach is a tranquil and peaceful community of approximately 590 single family homes with a large presence of full-time residents. Terramar Beach offers an abundance of outdoor recreational activity, family-friendly environment, great restaurants, marinas, parks, nature trails and more”[1]. Here, you’ll find beautiful houses built by SL Walker Builders on American Pole and Timber’s innovative, uniform-diameter, solid wood Gun Barrel Pilings®.

What is a Gun Barrel Piling®?

American Pole and Timber has revolutionized the industry with a unique process of custom-manufacturing timber pilings, offering superior strength and durability. These uniform, non-tapered Gun Barrel Pilings® are crafted from high-quality solid wood and can be pressure treated to resist harsh weather conditions for a variety of applications. Designed to support heavy loads, these round timber pilings are not only aesthetically pleasing but are also more cost effective than traditional piling options.

Gun Barrel Pilings® are customizable to meet diverse construction needs. They can be cut to any length up to 52 feet and 20 inches in diameter and American Pole & Timber can even pre-drill holes and pre-cut notches, wiring channels, and other specified shapes or angles. They serve a multitude of purposes including but not limited to dock and pier supports, beach home pilings, and foundation pilings for both residential and commercial buildings. They ensure versatility and uniformity in every application. Because of their uniformity, builders and contractors find that they are easier to install and build around.


The Advantages of Choosing American Pole And Timber as your manufacturer

Founded in 1993 in Houston, American Pole & Timber began by specializing in providing materials for projects including treated lumber, large timbers, poles, pilings, and posts, primarily serving Texas and the Gulf Coast area. Over the years, while continuing to cater to our initial market, we have broadened our scope to manufacture industrial and commercial wood products, including our turnkey timber trusses process and equipment saddles, among others like Gun Barrel Pilings®. Our distribution network has significantly expanded, with projects and supply points stretching across the nation and even further, reflecting our rapid growth in the industry.


SL Walker Builders: Master Craftsmen for Your Construction Needs

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For over two decades, under Shannon Walker’s leadership, SL Walker Builders has been crafting stunning beachfront properties. Shannon, who spent his childhood on his father’s construction sites, has a lifelong passion for building. Recently, they’ve focused on developing 58 homes in Galveston’s Terramar Beach area, including their own residence. Post-2019, amidst the challenges following Covid, finding square pilings for beach house foundations became difficult for many in the construction industry. That’s when American Pole and Timber stepped in with a game-changing solution: Gun Barrel Pilings®.

Over the past two and a half years, SL Walker Builders has incorporated Gun Barrel Pilings® into every home they’ve built in Terramar Beach. These pilings not only offer a distinct aesthetic appeal desired by their clients but also surpasses the durability and quality of traditional square pilings. The most impressive aspect is American Pole and Timber’s ability to consistently and promptly supply these pilings to construction sites. Shannon praises Eric Lincoln for his reliable support and the seamless teamwork, factors that have solidified his ongoing partnership with American Pole and Timber. The exceptionality, reliability, and structural integrity of Gun Barrel Pilings® have left homeowners thoroughly satisfied.

Looking ahead, Shannon is enthusiastic about future endeavors, planning to use Gun Barrel Pilings® in more than 400 homes in the years to come.

If you’re dreaming of building a beach home in the Galveston, Texas area, consider SL Walker Builders. You can reach them at 281-793-2592 for more information.

How do you learn more?

You can reach out directly by calling our Specialists at +1(866) 397-3038 to receive personalized assistance. Our team is ready to provide you with the support and information you need. We also have a YouTube channel and informational pages on our website where you can even fill out an inquiry form. Visit to view all of our products.


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American Pole And Timber ships to projects worldwide. Gun Barrel Pilings® are customizable, according to your specifications allowing for a precise fit for any project, minimizing waste, and ensuring maximum effectiveness. They are a unique product, aesthetically pleasing, and cost-efficient. You can use Gun Barrel Pilings® for a multitude of projects including those at your home, workplace, or places of entertainment like the local zoo.   



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