Tracheid Separation in Wood Pilings

Tracheid Separation Horse Hair Rot

Tracheid separation in wood pilings — often called “horsehair rot” or “salt kill” — is a common issue that can occur in wood pilings installed in or next to saltwater. You might have seen pilings on a dock or pier in the ocean that look “fuzzy” or like “hair” is peeling off of them.  Tracheid…

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5 Reasons Wood is a Better Building Material Than Steel

timber truss for garden container

Wood has been a popular building material for centuries and for good reason. While steel is a strong and durable material, it may not always be the best choice for construction. Here are a few reasons why wood is a better building material than steel: Sustainability: Wood is a renewable resource and is much more…

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Wood Deck Turning Green? Learn why.

Boat House with Dock & Deck

Wooden decks primarily receive their color from the wood stain they are treated with.  Eventually, these wood stains can fade, so the wooden deck underneath may have unwanted green spots appear if it isn’t consistently maintained and cleaned.  A wood deck has the potential to turn green for a variety of reasons.  However, the most…

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The Landscape Architecture Podcast: Lys Divine Ndemeye

All new episode of The Landscape Architecture Podcast just released! In this episode, the podcast features Lys Divine Ndemeye | BA, MLA | Landscape Designer of Remesha Design and Design Unmuted podcast. Listen to the new episode here:

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5 Popular Timber Accents or Upgrades in Homes

Some things are just timeless and can’t be beat.  We all know the classics.  Things such as milkshakes and fries or cracker jacks and baseball.   So, when it comes to home improvements, wooden upgrades and renovations are one combo that will never go out of style.  Here are five popular timber accents or upgrades…

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7 Uses of Timber in Industrial Applications

If you ask the average person, they’re most likely say to that building structures out of wood is a foregone practice.  However, that couldn’t be further from the truth.  Wood has proven itself to be just as serviceable and versatile as steel other metals for many industrial applications.  Here are the 7 uses of timber…

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Do You know What The Right Treated Wood Product is For Your Project?

In the construction and lumber industries, treated wood products and their applications are fairly well discussed and understood topics.  However, what is not as widely discussed are the different degrees of exposure for treated wood products and their correlating categories of usage.  When designing a commercial or residential structure, engineers and project consultants working on…

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4 Impressive Ways Wood is Being Innovated for Construction

In recent decades, eco-friendly has not only created a push for environmental awareness but has also created innovations in wood for the construction industry.  With these innovations, the intentions are to reduce the carbon footprint in which it takes to create building materials, capitalize on wood’s sustainability, and improve the assembly time of on-site construction. …

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8 Common Types of Timber Trusses You Should Know

Depending on the type of structure you’re building, the timber truss you choose can make all the difference.  Whether you’re looking for a vaulted ceiling, an open rustic look, or a simply adorned entrance, timber trusses are excellent for their versatile and structural construction applications.  Down below, we have listed 8 common type of timber…

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