Bringing Architectural Visions to Life

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American Pole & Timber partners with WholeTrees Structures   In the world of sustainable architecture, American Pole & Timber has joined forces with WholeTrees Structures to transform architectural plans into reality. This partnership brings together the strengths of both companies to create unique and environmentally responsible projects, exemplified by the Children’s Museum of Eau Claire.…

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Interesting Facts and Insights about Lumber

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Selecting the appropriate lumber for a personal DIY or commercial project can often seem daunting. The extensive selection of wood varieties and quality levels, covering both hardwood and softwood classes, requires a basic knowledge of lumber selection criteria to guarantee the success of your project. Wood Types Explained Lumber is broadly categorized into hardwoods and softwoods,…

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Galveston’s Terramar Beach Homes built on Gun Barrel Pilings®

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Another beautiful home built on Gun Barrel Pilings® by SL Walker.    Located on Galveston Island, tucked away between the Gulf of Mexico and West Bay, you’ll find a little slice of oasis in a community called Terramar Beach. “Nestled at the west end, Terramar Beach is a tranquil and peaceful community of approximately 590…

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How Wood is Pressure Treated: An In-Depth Look

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Pressure-treated wood is a popular choice for various outdoor projects, thanks to its ability to resist decay and insects. But what exactly is pressure-treated wood, and how is it different from regular lumber? Understanding Pressure-Treated Wood  Pressure-treated wood is a type of lumber that has undergone a treatment process where chemicals are infused into the…

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Transforming Homes with Timber Trusses

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A Modern Approach to Construction When it comes to home construction, finding unique and impressive materials can make all the difference in transforming a space into something truly extraordinary. One material that has been gaining popularity in modern homes is timber trusses. In this article, we will explore how timber trusses are revolutionizing the way…

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What is Hand Hewn Lumber?

For those who are familiar with the lumber industry, the term “hand hewn” is one that often comes up when it comes to customization and lumber options. These days hand hewn lumber is commonly known as reclaimed lumber that has been salvaged from old structures such as old mills, stables, or barns that were built…

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Hurricane Sally Damage Featuring EcoPile

EcoPile Boathouse Dock Walkway

EcoPile Stand Up to Hurricane Sally  Surrounded by destroyed docks & piers, EcoPile structures remain after Hurricane Sally  Here’s more proof of the strength and durability of EcoPile. Vinyl is Final!  On Sept 16, 2020, Hurricane Sally made landfall at Gulf Shores, Alabama. The category 2 hurricane caused an estimated $5 Billion in damage, devastating homes…

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12 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Treated Wood

If you’re searching for information about treated wood, you’ve stumbled upon the right place!  We’ve compiled 12 things about treated wood that we’re sure you don’t know yet.   1. Because treated wood is long-lasting, it is considered by the industry as a whole to be the most cost-effective building material available. 2. From small to…

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Structural Piling Repair You Can Install In The Water

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SnapJacket is a fantastic piling repair solution we are especially excited to bring to the marine & shoreline market.  Until now, if your pilings were rotten due to marine boring organisms like barnacles or fungus such as “horse hair” fungus, your only real option was to replace the pilings. Yes, you can wrap pilings but…

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