7 Uses of Timber in Industrial Applications

If you ask the average person, they’re most likely say to that building structures out of wood is a foregone practice.  However, that couldn't be further from the truth.  Wood has proven itself to be just as serviceable and versatile as steel other metals for many industrial applications.  Here are the 7 uses of timber in industrial applications.

7. Cribbing

cribbing 18feet tall

Cribbing, often known as box cribbing, are temporary wooden structures used for overseas shipping, supporting heavy objects, and construction.  Cribbing can be made from various materials, ranging from plastic to stone.  However, cribbing is usually and preferably made from wood due to it’s inexpensive costs and durability.  

6. Equipment Saddles

Custom Pressure Vessel Equipment Saddle
Pressure Vessel Custom-Equipment Saddle

For hauling or storing pressure vessels and other tank equipment, equipment saddles are custom made to fit any equipment specifications.  Most support saddles are made of solid oak because of its superior compression properties and its excellent natural resistance to rot, decay, and termites.

5. Stoplogs

Stop log timbers center timbers

Often mistaken for flashboards, stop logs are specialized bulkheads used to adjust or discharge water levels.  Here at American Pole & Timber, stop logs or gate components can be cut, drilled, beveled, planed, treated, and coated based on your requirements.  There are almost no limits to what is possible and no design is too complicated. 

4. Foundation Pilings

installed treated timber beach home foundation pilings

Round or square pilings, American Pole & Timber supplies nearly any size or length of treated found pilings nationwide.  Our foundation pilings are also great for marine for both ground or marine use.  Our pilings are options are able to be treated for nearly any retention level, polymer coating is available for additional longevity.

3. Timber Fender Systems

timber fender system in water BIG
Timber fender system in water

Also known as marine fenders, timber fender systems protect boats and other marine vessels from damage when they’re bumped against.  From their initial low cost to their low maintenance and repair requirements, timber fender systems are cost-effective throughout their long lifecycle.  Treated timber fender systems from American Pole & Timber are resistant to attack from marine borers, fungus, and other types of decay.

2. Corbels

Corbel Covered area BIG
Corbel Covered Area

Turn your structure into a point of conversation with one-of-a-kind wood corbels.  Custom wood corbels smoothly transition the structural components of your structure to the aesthetic that makes it unique.  In addition, wood corbels add dimension to each structure.  American Pole & Timber wood corbels are available in a variety of finishes and options.

1. Gun Barrel Pilings

bobcat 2
Gun Barrel Pilings in ropes course

Lastly, but definitely not least, we end the list with Gun Barrel Pilings.  What are Gun Barrel Pilings?  Gun Barrel Pilings are select logs machined to a uniform diameter.  They are utilized in applications and projects where aesthetics and strength are equally important.  Gun Barrel Pilings and poles make impressive columns, are structurally sound, and are available in lengths up to 52 feet and diameters up to 20 inches.

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