12 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Treated Wood

If you’re searching for information about treated wood, you’ve stumbled upon the right place!  We’ve compiled 12 things about treated wood that we’re sure you don’t know yet.  

1. Because treated wood is long-lasting, it is considered by the industry as a whole to be the most cost-effective building material available.

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2. From small to oversized, timber and lumber of all sizes can be treated.

treated lumber racks

3. Treated wood has a wide-range of treatment options for different applications, ranging from marine & foundation to utility poles & industrial applications.

Treated Poles and Wood Timbers

4. Wood can be treated to be fire retardant when code or specifications call for it.

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5. Since it has an exceptional strength-to-weight ratio, it is strong and excellent for structural applications.

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6. Treated wood is easily workable with standard tools and skills for installations.

treated wood fence posts

7. It is an ecologically friendly and completely renewable resource. In the United States, we grow much more lumber/wood than we use. These forests create oxygen while simultaneously reducing carbon dioxide in the air.

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8. CCA wood treatment is an abbreviation for Chromated Copper Arsenate, it is considered by many professionals to be the best lumber treatment. It is used solely for industrial and marine applications.

BoatHouse with Dock and Deck

9. MCA wood treatment stands for Micronized Copper Azole, and it is most commonly used for consumer & commercial projects.

Treated Lumber for Decking

10. CA wood treatment means Copper Azole, it is primarily used mostly for consumer & commercial projects.

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11. Wood treatments block naturally occurring threats by making the wood resistant, therefore, no more weakened wood caused by built up fungal, moisture, or wood-boring organisms infestations.

poly coated treated pilings

12. In large-scale building projects, using treated wood is significantly more inexpensive than opting for traditional metals or redwoods in the same construction projects.

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Learn Even More About Treated Wood

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