Wood Deck Turning Green? Learn why.

Wooden decks primarily receive their color from the wood stain they are treated with.  Eventually, these wood stains can fade, so the wooden deck underneath may have unwanted green spots appear if it isn’t consistently maintained and cleaned.  A wood deck has the potential to turn green for a variety of reasons.  However, the most common cause for this is algae or fungi growth.  On moist surfaces like wood decks, algae and mildew will grow rapidly without intervention.  With the combination of both moisture and sunlight, this creates an optimal environment for either algae or fungi to grow and turn the surface of the wood deck green.

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Symptoms of a wood deck turning green:

If the wood on your deck is turning green, it may not be too late to reverse it.  Common symptoms may look like:

  1. Splotchy, spots, or patches discoloration on the surface of the deck wood
  2. Insects or pests are attracted to specific areas of the deck.
  3. A darkened film left behind from the wood fibers breaking down.
  4. Areas in the wood deck have collapsed from overall damage.

Solutions and preventatives to keep your wood deck from turning green:

  1. Keep the wood deck clean and free of any debris such as leaves, dirt, or trash.  Doing so will prevent moisture and insects from accumulating, which can lead to cracking or rotting.
  2. Seal any cracks, holes, or other openings with a sealant to prevent and protect the wood from water damage or decay.
  3. If the wood is already turning green but it’s in the early stages, use a power washer to remove the growth.  Afterwards, use a penetrating wood stain and seal the wood deck with a water repellant.
  4. Every six months or so, treat the wood deck with a fungicide.

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