Structural Piling Repair You Can Install In The Water

SnapJacket is a fantastic piling repair solution we are especially excited to bring to the marine & shoreline market. 

pilings repaired with snapjacketUntil now, if your pilings were rotten due to marine boring organisms like barnacles or fungus such as "horse hair" fungus, your only real option was to replace the pilings. Yes, you can wrap pilings but that only protects good pilings (and not that well) and it's not a structural solution.

Enter SnapJacket, the best solution we've seen for the challenge of piling repair -- and it was right under our noses all these years. 

SnapJacket is a vinyl (same stuff as vinyl sheet pilings) jacket that goes around the damaged piling. The ends connect (or snap) together and concrete is poured into the gap between the piling and the vinyl.

It Can be Installed in Water

Probably the most fantastic thing about SnapJacket is that they can be installed without removing the pilings or draining water so you save thousands of dollars in labor in addition to the massive savings by not having to buy new pilings (which is a huge job in itself).

snap jacket piling repairIt is Structural

Due the concrete poured inside the thick vinyl casing, your pilings actually end up stronger than before after SnapJacket is applied.

It Looks Great

One of the best features of SnapJacket is that once installed, your pilings have a uniform appearance. So, especially in cases of significant deterioration, your pilings go from looking terrible to being uniform and new.

Discover More About SnapJacket

Our page about SnapJacket reveals even more of its benefits for piling repair or go ahead and contact us online or call (800) 816-0335 to get a quote.