6 Most Amazing Timber Trusses of All Time

We all know the saying, “don’t fix what isn’t broken.”  Well, it’s 2020 and timber trusses are here to stay, still proving they can easily  withstand the test of time. Here are six of the most historic timber trusses we could find, dating all the way back to 1097!

6. Westminster Hall

Westminster Hall Hammerbeam Roof

At the time it was initially built, the Westminister Hall was the largest hall in all of Europe.  As of 2020, the hall is the oldest existing section of the Westminister Palace. 

Built: 1097

Truss: Hammerbeam

City: London, United Kingdom

5. St Clement's Church

Saint Clements Church

Originally constructed in the 8th century, St. Clement’s Church is one of the oldest churches in Kent shire county. 

Built: 8th Century

Truss: Crown Post

City: Old Romney, United Kingdom

4. Grange Barn


The Grange Barn was built in the 1200s and remained in agricultural use all the way up until 1960.  Since 1982 it has exchanged owners a few times, but ever since it has been restored and preserved.

Built: 13 Century

Truss: King Post Truss

City: Coggeshall, England

3. Bradford-on-Avon Tithe Barn

bradford on avon tithe barn interior

Now owned and protected by English Heritage, the Tithe Barn used to be owned by the richest nunnery of the nearby Shaftesbury Abbey.  Those who wished to store their farm produce in the barn were charged a fee of 10%.

Built: 14th Century

Truss: Raised Cruck

City: Bradford-on-Avon, England

2. Bartram's Barn

Timber Truss Bartrams Barn

Designated as a National Historic Landmark in 1960, Bartram’s Garden is the oldest surviving botanical garden in North America.  This historic arboretum is where you can find the interior of this barn if you wish to visit.

Built: 1728

Truss: Queen Post

City: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

1. The Louis Bolduc House

The Louis Bolduc House

In 1970 The Louis Bolduc House was designated as a National Historic Landmark.   The Louis Bolduc House is a prime example of the traditional French Colonial architecture of the early 1700s.

Built: 1788

Truss: Norman

City: Ste. Genevieve, Missouri

Bonus: Saint Catherine's Monastery

Saint Catherine Monastery

Saint Catherine's Monastery is one of the oldest operating Christian monasteries in the world.  Albeit not pictured, the king post truss is purportedly the longest standing truss in the world.  Another interesting piece trivia to note is the bush here is believed to be the original burning bush seen by Moses.

Built: 548-568

Truss: King Post

City: Saint Catherine, Egypt

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