3 MUST SEE Things That Can Prolong Your Marine Structures

The marine environment can be exceptionally harsh to long standing wood pilings.  Pilings in marine use are subject to wood-boring organisms, wood rot, freezing, and even sun damage.  Since treated wood is widely banned for marine usage, the main option was just to repair or replace the pilings.  A process of which could be highly expensive and very inconvenient due to necessary deconstruction of the structure.

However, over the years, industry innovations have been made to prolong life of marine structures.  Innovations that were designed by and for the marine industry itself.  Down below are three marine piling solutions that American Pole & Timber offer, ranging from wood coating to vinyl pilings.


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Originally created for use on marine structures, Polyshield® Polymer Wood Coating can benefit all industries.  The polymer coating is an exceedingly tough polymer membrane that bonds to wood, protecting it from wood boring and rot, potential freezing effects, and harmful UV rays.  Whether you want to prolong the life of your pilings in water or protect poles at the groundline, Polyshield® will pass any building code tests and standards.  Engineered for maximum durability AND efficiency, the Polyshield® polymer is applied to the wood at the facility and delivered to the job site, ready for use.

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Snapjacket Before And AfterReplacing a rotted wooden piling is a huge hassle and more often than not, it's realistically not a repair that can put off since it can become a much bigger headache.  Up until recently, the only solution was to replace the piling, and that can be, well, expensive.  The Snapjacket piling repair changes all of that, it's the toughest & longest lasting option to preserve, repair, and protect rotted marine pilings!

Snapjacket Piling Repair Installation

Snapjacket Piling Repair Installation

Snapjacket is a piling repair solution you can install in the water, that means you can retrofit any existing marine structure.  The Snapjacket not only repairs the piling, but it will protect it from potential future damage.  It works by locking the Snapjacket around the damaged pile, and then when it's settled into the soil, concrete is poured into it which eliminates any organisms or wood rot.  This process essentially creates a "new" piling and restores the pilings' structural integrity.

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internal ecopile webbingDesigned with the marine construction industry in mind, the EcoPile is totally impervious to wood-boring organisms, maintenance, and is UV/IR resistant.  The EcoPile was engineered to withstand the ravaging marine environment and to outlast wooden pilings, treated or not.  And since the Ecopile installed at boathouse at dockEcoPile is made from a blend of PVC and fiberglass, this creates a piling that is impenetrable to wood-boring organisms and UV/IR resistant.  The EcoPile is also 100% recyclable, 100% free of leaching chemicals, and backed by a 25-year limited warranty.  That's why they say if you choose EcoPile vinyl pilings, you'll never have to change your pilings again.

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