20 Photos That Prove Wood is The Best Option for Designing

Wood is arguably Earth's most renewable resource when it comes to construction, so we set out to find the most amazing feats accomplished utilizing wood to prove it.  This article is already long enough as it is, so we'll just let you jump into it.  Here are the 20 of the most amazing and record breaking wood structures in the WORLD!

20. World's Largest Wooden Pencil

Worlds Largest Pencil

Arguably, there are few other massive pencils in the world that may be larger.  However, this pencil is the world’s largest real wooden pencil.  This pencil is open to visit all year round since it is out in the streets for all to see.

Length: 32.5ft

City: Casey, Illinois

19. World's Largest Wooden Shoes

Worlds Largest Wooden Shoes

Via trover.com

Housed inside of the Casey’s Candy Depot, the wooden shoes are the largest in the world.  The shoes were constructed by gluing boards on top of and side by side of another. Visitors toss money into the opening of the shoes to be donated to charity.

Length: 11.5ft 

Width: 5.5ft

City: Casey, Illinois 

18. World's Largest Wooden Nickel

largest wooden nickels

Built to protest the county of Johnson in Iowa’s construction which would have ruined the natural landscape of the builder’s neighborhood, the largest wooden nickel in the world was coincidentally created.  

Built: 2006

Diameter: 12ft

City: Iowa City, Iowa

17. The Writer / Lo Scrittore - World's Largest Wooden Table & Chair

Lo Scrittore The Writer

Via avax.news

The Writer, also known as Lo Scrittore, is said to be a monument to the loneliness of writing and writer’s block.  The sculptor, Giancarlo Neri, was a soccer player for the New York Apollos before eventually becoming an artist.

Height: 30ft

City: Monza, Italy

16. World's Largest Wooden Clock

Largest Wooden Clock

Originally built for a community center in Nannup, when the plans fail through the creator decided to take it upon themselves to ensure the project was completed.  Kevin Bird built a shed just to house this massive clock that took about a decade to construct. The clock is now housed in the Nannup clocktower.

Opened: 2019

Tall: 19.69ft

Length: 9.84ft

Width: 9.84ft

City: Nannup, Australia 

15. World's Largest Wooden Rice Scoop

Worlds Largest Rice Scoop

Inspired by the legend of Seishin and Benzaiten, it is said to be the largest wooden rice spoon in the world.  The scoop, also known as a shamoji, took about three years to make.

Completed: 1996

Length: 25ft

Width: 8.8

Weight: 2.5 tons

City: Miyajima, Japan

14. Southend Pier - World's Longest Wooden Pleasure Pier

Southend Pier

The pier was simply born out of wanting to draw more visitors to the resort since many boats would skip Southend for the lack thereof a pier to dock at.  Famous English poet, Sir John Betjeman once said, "the Pier is Southend, Southend is the Pier."  It is the longest pleasure pier to be built in the world.

Length: 7,080

Opened: 1830

City: Southend-on-Sea, United Kingdom

13. Cross in the Woods - World's Largest Wooden Crucifix

Cross in the Woods

Open 365 days a year, the Cross in the Woods has become one of the most visited shrines in Michigan.  The surrounding area of the crucifix is also home to an outdoor church, indoor church, and other facilities.  It purportedly holds mass everyday, year round.

Built: 1954

Height: 55ft

City: Indian River, Michegan 

12. Tōdai-ji - World's Largest Wooden Buddhist Temple

Tōdai ji Largest Wooden Structure

Until 1998, this infamous Buddhist temple was the largest building in the world.  As of 2020, it is the largest wooden Buddhist temple. Tōdai-ji, home to the Kegon school of Buddhism, it also houses the world’s largest bronze statue of Buddha.

Built: 8th Century

Length: 187ft

Width: 160ft

City: Nara, Japan

11. Hotel Del Coronado - World's Largest Wood Resort Hotel

Hotel Del Coronado

Hotel del Coronado is one of the largest wooden structures in the United States, only second to the Tillamook Air Museum that we mentioned in a previous list.  However, it is the largest wooden resort hotel in the world. This Four Diamond rated hotel is one of the last examples of American Wooden Victorian construction.

Opened: 1888

Floors: 7

Rooms: 757

City: San Diego, California

10. Spruce Goose / H-4 - World's Largest Wooden Airplane

Spruce Goose H 4

Flown only one time, The Spruce Goose is the largest wooden airplane to ever be constructed.  The Spruce Goose was born out of the culmination of needing to troops across the Atlantic and restrictions on metal materials due to the ongoing war.  The plane is actually named H-4, but the press at the time insisted on referring to it as the Spruce Goose.

Built: 1947

Length: 218 ft 8 in

Height: 79ft 4in

Wingspan: 320ft 11in

Displayed: McMinnville, Oregon

9. Schooner - World's Largest Wooden Ship

Schooner Largest Boat

Despite being named Wyoming, the wooden ship was actually built and completed in Bath, Maine.  The Wyoming was known to be the largest wooden ship to ever exist. Unfortunately, the ship’s wood tended to flex in heavy seas, and in 1924 Wyoming wound up sinking due to this.

Built: 1909

Overall: 450ft

City: Bath, Maine

8. Ark Encounter - World's Larget Timber Frame Structure

Ark Encounter

The ark was built by devout Christian, Ken Ham, to show proof that the stories of the Bible were nonfiction.  The Ark Encounter is fitted with life like animals and 132 bays that are about 18 feet high. The ark also includes a gift shop, restaurant, and a theater.  It is billed as the largest timber-frame structure in the world.

Built: 2016

Length: 510ft

Width: 85ft

Height: 51ft

City: Kentucky, United States

7. Kizhi Pogost, Transfiguration Church - World's Tallest Entirely Wood Building

Kizhi Pogost Transfiguration Church

Within the Kizhi Pogost there is a Church of Transfiguration that has 22 domes and a height of 123 feet.  This Transfiguration Church is believed to be the tallest building in the world to be made entirely of wood.  

Built: 17th - 18th Century

Height: 123ft

Perimeter: 65.62 x 95.14ft

City: Republic of Karelia, Russia

6. Metropol Parasol - World's Largest Wooden Structure

Metropol Parasol

Built between 2005 and 2011, the Metropol Parasol is the largest wooden structure in the world.  The structure is three levels that include an open-air plaza, terraces, and a restaurant.

Built: 17th - 18th Century

Overall: 490 by 230ft

City: Seville, Spain

5. Goat Canyon Trestle - World's Largest Wood Trestle

Goat Canyon Trestle

 Originally built as part of the San Diego and Arizona Eastern Railway, the Goat Canyon Trestle is the world’s largest all wood trestle.  The railway was still in operation up until 2008 when it was closed indefinitely. The Goat Canyon Trestle is often referred to as the Impossible Railroad.

Built: 17th - 18th Century

Length: 597 - 750ft

Height: 186 - 200ft

City: San Diego, California

4. Goliath - World's Largest Wooden Roller Coaster Drop

Goliath Roller Coaster

Upon its completion, the Goliath initially set three world records.  However, as of 2020, the Goliath only holds the record for longest drop in the world for wooden roller coasters.

Built: 2014

Height 160ft

Drop 180ft

Length 3,100ft 

City: Gurnee, Illinois

3. Zheng Chunui: Tree Sculpture - World's Largest Wooden Sculpture

zheng chunhui largest tree sculpture
zheng chunhui largest tree sculpture 2
zheng chunhui largest tree sculpture 3

This hand-carved wooden sculpture took four years of dedication and perseverance to create.  The artist behind this massive piece of work is the famous Chinese wood carver, Zheng Chunhui.  Zheng’s sculpture is is the longest wooden sculpture in the world.

Sculpted: 2000s

Length: 40ft

Tall: 8-10ft

City: Fuzhou, China

2. Mjøstårnet - World's Tallest Wooden Tower

Mjøstårnet Tallest Timber Building

As of 2020, Mjøstårnet is the world’s tallest timber building.  The building is an 18 story mixed use building comprised of apartments, office space, and a restaurant. 

Completed: 2019

Height: 280ft

Stories: 18 

City: Brumunddal, Norway

1. The Splinter - World's First Wooden Supercar

Splinter Wooden SuperCar

Conceived out of Joe Harman’s love for automobiles and to pushing the envelope of wood construction, The Splinter Supercar was born.  The Splinter is an operational, high-performance sports car that took five years to build. Obviously, not all parts of the car could be created using wood, but overall, the Splinter is 90% wood.

Completed: 2015

BHP: 700

Engine: 4.6L V8

Top Speed: 240 MPH

0-60: 3 seconds

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