10 Important Things You Need to Know About Gun Barrel Pilings

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If you’re searching for more information about Gun Barrel pilings, lucky for you, you’re in the right place!  We’ve compiled 10 things about Gun Barrel pilings that we’re sure you don’t know yet.  

1. Gun Barrel Pilings are much less expensive than traditional architectural columns and are even more cost efficient than square timbers and pilings in most sizes.

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2. Available in lengths up to 52 feet and diameters up to 20 inches, Gun Barrel pilings are excellent for making structurally sound architectural columns.

Gun Barrel Pilings 10in-x-30ft Ready for Polymer Coating

3. While common poles and pilings are durable, their irregularities in diameters can make alignment and matching during installation time consuming.  On the other hand, since Gun Barrel Pilings are no-taper and uniform, design and installations are easier when you use Gun Barrel pilings in place of regular tapered poles. 

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4. Being uniformly round, Gun Barrel pilings don’t require squaring to joists and stringers.  While square timber must be properly turned one of their faces is flat against the member to which they will be connected.

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5. Gun Barrel pilings are available in southern yellow pine, white pine, western red cedar, white cedar, and oak.

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6. Just like regular poles and pilings, Gun Barrel poles and pilings can be used for exterior, interior, and marine projects.  For exterior and marine projects, the pilings can be coated in polymer, kiln dried, and/or stained. Gun Barrel Pilings for interior use can be left untreated.

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7. Gun Barrel pilings are excellent for marine use as they are less susceptible to attack by termites and marine borers because they have no exposed heartwood as many square timbers have.

Boat House built with Gun Barrel Pilings, Radius Edge Decking and #1 treated Southern Pine

8. Thanks to their round, uniform design, Gun Barrel pilings require less effort to drive into the ground than square timbers.  This is especially important in marine construction installations.


9. Gun Barrel pilings are more capable of handling storm surges due to their round shape which allows torrential water to flow effortlessly around the pilings.  Square timbers tend to loosen from the ground because of the low pressure caused by the back-side flow of the surging water. This can cause the foundation of a marine structure to be weakened, and is especially important in regions affected by tropical storms and hurricanes.

Boat House Gun Barrel Pilings

10. Gun Barrel pilings have many finishing options, including: hand hewn, distressed, sanded, and more.

Polymer Coated Gun Barrel Pilings

Learn Even More About Gun Barrel Pilings

Need Gun Barrel pilings for a project of your own?  Visit our page about pressure Gun Barrel pilings for an in-depth look at the different treatment options, or contact us online or call (800) 816-0335 to get a quote.