8 Different Types of Treated Wood and Their Applications

treated lumber racks

Treated wood — and we’re using this as a very general term here — is a popular material in the construction industry because of its durability and resistance to rot, decay, insect damage, and even fire. However, not all treated wood is created equal, and choosing the right type of treated wood for a specific…

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10 Most Common Myths About Wood

10 common myths about wood in construction 2023

Wood is a material that has been used for centuries in construction. Despite its widespread use and the rise of mass timber construction, there are still many myths and misconceptions surrounding wood. In this article, we will explore ten of the most common myths of wood. Myth #1: All wood is the same. This is…

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13 of The Tallest Mass Timber Buildings in The World in 2023

Within the past of decade, both commercial and residential applications, structures are being constructed utilizing heavy timbers and varied laminated wood techniques.  In addition, these mass timber buildings which utilize wood for construction not only promote sustainable forests, but also reduces the carbon footprint by storing it. Down below are the top 13 of the…

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4 Impressive Mass Timber Structures in the United States

Did you know that many new high rises and structures are being constructed from wood?  Down below we have gathered four mass timber structures in the United States. 4. T3 Building Via archdaily.com Minneapolis, Minnesota: The T3 building is a seven-story, 222,000-square-foot office building made entirely of mass timber. It is the largest modern mass…

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What is Reclaimed Wood?

Sources of Reclaimed Wood

Maybe you’ve come across the term as you were looking to build a new home or maybe your contractor suggested you consider it, but you are still unsure what reclaimed wood is.  Throughout this article, we’ll discuss what reclaimed is and the benefits it provides. What Exactly is Reclaimed Wood? Reclaimed wood is essentially any…

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What is Hand Hewn Lumber?

For those who are familiar with the lumber industry, the term “hand hewn” is one that often comes up when it comes to customization and lumber options. These days hand hewn lumber is commonly known as reclaimed lumber that has been salvaged from old structures such as old mills, stables, or barns that were built…

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The Landscape Architecture Podcast: Lys Divine Ndemeye

All new episode of The Landscape Architecture Podcast just released! In this episode, the podcast features Lys Divine Ndemeye | BA, MLA | Landscape Designer of Remesha Design and Design Unmuted podcast. Listen to the new episode here: https://www.larchitect.org/lys

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5 Historical Breathtaking Wooden Buildings

Did you know that some of the oldest historical, still standing buildings date all the way back to the 13th century?  While some of the buildings have had sections renovated or restored for one reason or another, most of these structures are still utilizing their original wood.  So, without further ado, down below we have…

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4 Tallest Living Trees in the World

While we may be in the business of manufacturing wood products and components for construction projects, it doesn’t mean we don’t hold wood in regard.  In fact, we have a huge fondness for wood in all of its inherent strengths and beauty in nature.  Thats why we researched and sought out some of the oldest…

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