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20 Photos That Prove Wood is The Best Option for Designing

December 23, 2019

Wood is arguably Earth’s most renewable resource when it comes to construction, so we set out to find the most amazing feats accomplished utilizing wood to prove it.  This article is already long enough as it is, so we’ll just let you jump into it.  Here are the 20 of the most amazing and record…

6 Most Amazing Timber Trusses of All Time

December 18, 2019

We all know the saying, “don’t fix what isn’t broken.”  Well, it’s 2020 and timber trusses are here to stay, still proving they can easily  withstand the test of time. Here are six of the most historic timber trusses we could find, dating all the way back to 1097! 6. Westminster Hall Via At…

12 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Treated Wood

December 13, 2019

If you’re searching for information about treated wood, you’ve stumbled upon the right place!  We’ve compiled 12 things about treated wood that we’re sure you don’t know yet.   1. Because treated wood is long-lasting, it is considered by the industry as a whole to be the most cost-effective building material available. 2. From small to…

8 Amazing Wood Structures You Need to See Before You Die

December 13, 2019

If you ask the average person, they’re most likely say to that building structures out of wood is a foregone practice.  However, in just the past decade, some of these structures are proving that it’s not only still viable, but it might be the future of architecture and construction.  Here are the most amazing and…

Never Replace Your Pilings Again

December 12, 2019
EcoPile installed at boathouse at dock

EcoPile pilings are an exceptional alternative to wood pilings designed to extend the longevity of your marine structure. Due to the ever-growing restrictions of using treated wood in water, wooden pilings are now having to be replaced more often than before.  Since the untreated pilings are completely exposed, they are quickly being ravaged by weathering,…

Structural Piling Repair You Can Install In The Water

April 29, 2019
piling repair snapjacket b&a

SnapJacket is a fantastic piling repair solution we are especially excited to bring to the marine & shoreline market.  Until now, if your pilings were rotten due to marine boring organisms like barnacles or fungus such as “horse hair” fungus, your only real option was to replace the pilings. Yes, you can wrap pilings but…

Treated Pilings Sent to Saudi Arabia

November 8, 2018
treated pilings in saudi arabia

Gun Barrel Pilings were selected this summer for a park project in a Saudi Arabia. We were proud to supply the 187 12″ diameter pilings, ranging in lengths from 24 to 40 feet long. All were treated and some had various amounts of polymer coating to protect them.  Pile Driver Magazine (the official magazine of…

BRG Da Nang Golf Resort

April 30, 2018

Bulkhead Walls for BRG DaNang Golf ResortProudly Supplied By American Pole & Timber Wood Poles & Pilings Gun Barrel Pilings Treated Posts & Columns Large Treated Timbers Wood & Vinyl Bulkheads Treated Lumber & Decking Treated Lumber Fire Retardant Lumber Decking Timber Trusses Custom Trusses Reclaimed Trusses Industrial Corbels & Rafter Tails Polymer Wood Coating…

Sadly Announcing The Passing of William Plant, Chairman

March 28, 2018
william h plant co founder chairman building products plus

  Sadly Announcing The Passing of William Plant, Chairman We are deeply saddened to announce the passing of William H. Plant, one of the founders of Building Products Plus & American Pole & Timber. His leadership, inspiration, guidance, and friendship will be missed by us all. He passed away on Monday 3/26/18. The funeral is…

More Trucks in Texas Using Natural Gas

October 3, 2017

You’ve heard of hybrid cars that run on batteries. But what about big trucks that – instead of diesel fuel – burn natural gas. Filling up is changing and giving new meaning to what we call gas stations. Big, noisy tractor trailer trucks are lining up to fill up at this Love’s Travel Stop on…

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American Pole & Timber Upgrades to CNG-Powered Truck Fleet

Houston Lumber Company, American Pole & Timber, replaced their fleet of diesel-powered tractor/trailer trucks with four new cleaner-burning Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) powered trucks.  Read press release

Hurricane Ike Rebuild

American Pole & Timber, located in Houston, was on-the-ready to ship materials to hurricane-destroyed areas for fast rebuild and recovery. Read press release

Hurricane Proof Structures

Harborwalk Yacht Club in Galveston reopened quickly after Hurricane Ike with only minimal damage to it bulkheads and other structures — an excellent testament to the fact that when you combine intelligent design and proper construction techniques with quality materials your projects will be stable and long-lasting. Read press release

Renewable Energy Making Green Steps at TX Wind Farm

American Pole & Timber delivered a long-lasting and environmentally-friendly solution to Renewable Energy for a wind farm in south Texas. The used polymer coated treated timbers as the first step of the stairs leading to the door at the base of each wind tower. Read press release

Houston Yacht Club Rebuild

American Pole & Timber was chosen as the primary building materials supplier for the rebuild of the docks and boat slips at the Houston Yacht Club after it was nearly decimated during Hurricane Ike’s massive storm surge. Read press release

GeoDeck Selected for LEED Platinum Home

GeoDeck decking from American Pole & Timber was selected as the deck material for the home that may become the first home in Houston to achieve LEED’s Platinum certification. Read press release

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