4 Tallest Living Trees in the World

While we may be in the business of manufacturing wood products and components for construction projects, it doesn't mean we don't hold wood in regard.  In fact, we have a huge fondness for wood in all of its inherent strengths and beauty in nature.  Thats why we researched and sought out some of the oldest known still living trees to share with you all.  So, without further ado, down below we have gathered four of some of the most historic and record breaking tallest living trees, with some honorable mentions.

4. Doerner Fir

4 Tallest Living Trees in the World Doerner Fir

Coming in at 327 feet, the Doerner Fir is one of the tallest known living trees in the world that is not a redwood.  The record setting tree is of the Coastal Douglas Fir species.  Doerner Fir, also known as the Brummitt Fir, was previously measured in 1991 at 329 feet but has since lost two feet as of its most recent measurement in 2008.  The tree can be found in a Bureau of Land Management forest in Coos County, Oregon.  Doerner Fir was originally named after its drainage, Brummet Fir, but it has since been renamed in honor of Ray Doerner, a longtime Bureau of Land Management employee.

Height: 327 ft

Diameter: 11.5 ft

3. Centurion

4 Tallest Living Trees in the World Centurion

Known as the world's tallest known individual Eucalyptus regnans, Centurion was discovered in 2008 by employees of Forestry Tasmania while analysing data they collected when mapping and assessing forest resources.  The species the Centurion is from, E. regnans, is the third tallest tree species in the world.  Centurion can be found in southern Tasmania, Australia where it is in a small patch of a very old forest surrounded by secondary forest.  Against all odds, the historic tree has survived both logging and forest fires.  While the tree was first measured to be 327 feet in 2008, between 2014 and 2018 it was measured numerous times to show that it is still slowly growing.  Centurion was named after the Roman officers.  It's also known as "the Bradman" since the height of the tree was close to the test run average of the Australian cricketer Donald Bradman

Height: 330 ft

Diameter: 13.3 ft

2. Menari

4 Tallest Living Trees in the World Menari

Menara, a yellow meranti tree, is record setting as it is the world's tallest known living tropical tree as well as the tallest known tree in all of Asia.  The tree is a newcomer to the list of record setting trees as it was only recently discovered in 2018.  In 2019, it was tape measured, scanned by a terrestrial laser, and drone flights were used to create a 3D model.  It is considered to be one of the tallest flowering plants in the world.  With all the data that has been analyzed on Menara, it is said to be a highly symmetrical and well balanced tree in all accounts.  The tree was named Menara by Southeast Asia Rainforest Research Partnership, which means tower in Malay language.  To commemorate the tropical record setting tree, the Malaysian postal service released a stamp set featuring Menara in 2020.  The stamp itself is also record setting as it is the largest stamp ever to be released by them.  Man is located in the Danum Valley Conservation Area on the island of Borneo in Sabah.

Height: 331 ft

Diameter: 130 ft

Honorable Mentions


Until Hyperion was discovered, the tallest tree in the world was Helios.  The tree is a coast redwood and is located in the same park as Hyperion, Redwood National and State Parks.  Helios is under protection by the state from damage by tourists and loggers.

Height: 376 ft


Sitting at the third tallest tree in the world, is Icarus, another coast redwood species tree.  Icarus was also discovered in 2006 alongside Helios and Hyperion.  Like its fellow coast redwood trees on this list, it resides in Redwood National and State Parks.

Height: 371 ft

1. Hyperion

4 Tallest Living Trees in the World Hyperion

Discovered in 2006 by naturalists, Chris Atkins and Michael Taylor, Hyperion is the world's tallest known living tree.  The historic and record setting tree is of the coast redwood species of trees.  The tree was verified to be 379 feet tall by Stephen Sillett, a botanist who specializes in old growth forest canopies.  It is considered to be between 600 to 800 years old, according to various reports.  Hyperion was named after the titan, who was one of the twelve Titan children of Gaia and Uranus.  While Hyperion is known to be located at Redwood National and State Parks, the exact location of Hyperion is kept secret to protect the tree and its ecosystem from damage by human traffic.  In addition, it is said that the tree may have potentially been able to have grown taller if not for the damage caused by woodpeckers at the top of it.  In commemoration of Hyperion, it was featured in the BBC Radio 4 documentary James and the Giant Redwoods by James Aldred in 2012.

Height: 380 ft

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