5 Largest Things to Ever be Shipped

American Pole & Timber is no stranger to shipping oversized timber products across the United States and overseas.  That’s why we thought it’d be great to share some of the largest things ever shipped.  Without further introduction, take a look at 5 of the largest things ever shipped overseas.

5. Nuclear Submarines

Via defensetech.org

While submarines are designed to travel underwater, sometimes they need to be shipped.  Well, in 2014, the Russian Defence Ministry released images of their vintage submarines from the eighties and nineties.  These submarines, Bratsk and Samara Akula, were being transported to a shipyard to be refurbished.  The vessel shipping them is a type of Russian ship called an icebreaker.  They are known as such because of their ability to cut through Russia’s northern coastline.

4. Wind Turbines

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As wind farming continues to prove to be a popular form of sustainable fuel, wind turbines are becoming more and more common objects to be shipped by boat.  From a distance, a row of wind turbines spinning may not seem very massive.  However, some wind turbines can measure to over 650 feet.  Shipping a wind turbine in its entirety is impossible, so instead they are shipped in parts by cargo ships to their destinations.

3. Statue of Liberty

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Gifted from France back in 1885, the Statue of Liberty is perhaps the most famous freight voyage.  The 200 ton, 305 foot tall iconic symbol built from iron and copper had to be disassembled into 214 wooden crates prior to its shipment.  After being packed into, the Statue of Liberty was loaded onto the French ship, Isere, to be delivered to the United States.  Once the ship made it to its final destination, the Statue of Liberty was meticulously rebuilt atop her pedestal.  

2. Oil Rig

Via maritime-executive.com

In 2017, the world’s heaviest cargo was shipped by boat from the North Sea to the Port of Hartlepool.  The cargo that was shipped was the Brent Delta oil rig.  Since it was being decommissioned, the rig was being brought to land to be dismantled and recycled.  Brent Delta oil rig from the sea bed to its top measures over 1,000 feet and weighs in over 24,000 tons.  The massive rig was shipped on the colossal Allseas Pioneering Spirit, a vessel that is 1,243 feet long and 403,342 tons.

1. Ships

Via shiplilly.com

What happens when you need to ship another ship?  You call on the Blue Marlin.  This vessel is built for shipping oil rigs but is often utilized for transporting other ships.  This mammoth of a ship can carry up to 75,000 tons and is semi-submersible.  This means the Blue Marlin can dip down under water up to 43 feet.  With this feature, it allows the ship to scoop up cargo that is too heavy to be carried by cranes.

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