8 Unbelievable Everyday Items Made from Wood

Yearning to get back in touch with nature, this list of creators all handcrafted everyday items, that the average person wouldn't give a second thought to, from wood.  Ranging from transportation to productive items, these skillful creators' creations might make your head spin.  If you like the article, follow us on Facebook, take a look out our custom wood production page, and stay tuned for more!  All that being said, here are 8 unbelievable everyday items made from wood.

8. Natural Keyboard

natural keyboard robbie tilton

In an effort to create something both visually stimulating and nature infusing, Robbie Tilton created the Natural Keyboard to return to a more organic product in an ever advancing technological world.  The keyboard is modeled after Apple’s wireless keyboard, and is built using wood and outfitted with imitation moss.

Creator: Robbie Tilton

7. Jupiter Mouse

jupiter mouse actbrise electronics

Via phys.org

Handcrafted from Chinese Flowering Ash sourced from the countryside, Gunma Prefecture, of Japan, the Jupiter Mouse was an attempt to please both gadget and nature lovers.  The mouse gains its name from the swirls that flow about the surface that resemble the planet Jupiter.  As for its form and function, the mouse uses an accelerometer, similar to those in modern day phones, to scroll through pages instead of a scroll wheel.  It works by simply holding the mouse in your palm and tilting it in either direction you want to scroll.  When not in use, the mouse rests on a wooden zen-like block.  

Creator: Actbrise Electronics

6. Kisai Maru Wood


Tokyoflash, Japan’s unorthodox watchmaker, build’s watches that you more than likely will never see anywhere else.  Some of their watches range from resembling shower heads to mirroring the likes of a train station platform display.  As for the Maru Wood watch, each watch is individually designed and manufactured, which means each watch will have its own unique color and grain.  Tokyoflash named the watch after the Japanese word “Maru”, meaning circle, after the orbiting circles within the LCD display.  On their website, you can find more watches made from wood and other totally unconventional, abstract watch designs.

Creator: Tokyoflash

5. Laser Cut Wooden Records

laser cut wooden records amanda ghasaei
laser cut wooden records amanda ghasaei 2

For many, vinyl records have been a medium long relegated to the past.  However, Amanda Ghassaei, creator of the 3-D printed record, decided to switch from the niche of additive manufacturing records to subtractive manufacturing to create not-so-vinyl wooden records, utilizing laser cutting to etch the grooves in.  Sparing the ultra-technical details of Amanda’s process, she says she switched from using 3-D, additive manufacturing to wood to make a record using slightly more common equipment and materials.

Creator: Amanda Ghassaei

4. Ben Heck's Ultimate Combo System

ultimate gaming combo system ben heck

Depending on the type of gamer you are, assuming you’re a gamer, Ben Heck’s frankenstein-like console would be considered the ultimate form of gaming heresy to some.  However, to mostly everyone else, this would be a dream come true in the early 2010s.  For the better part of a decade, Ben Heck has been committed to building custom electronics across the technological spectrum.  This time around, Ben Heck finally caved in to community request and built this seventh generation of gaming behemoth.  The Ultimate Combo Gaming system contains a Playstation 3, an Xbox 360, and a Wii U.  Ben doesn’t explicitly mention why he built the casing from wood, but it can be somewhat easily be purported he did so due to it being easier to use with the equipment he had on hand.  Either way, his attention to detail and careful craftsmanship cannot be overlooked.

Creator: Ben Heck

3. Wooden Bike

All Wooden Bike Marco Facciola
All Wooden Bike Marco Facciola 2

Simply held together with the help of only wood and glue, Marco Facciola, then 16 year-old, built a completely wooden bike for a school project.  There is no metal, of any kind, to be found here.  Even the chain and gearing are made completely from wood components.  Marco said the inspiration came from the stories of his grandfather who built his own bicycle wheels made of wood during World War II.

Creator: Marco Facciola

2. Vespa Daniella

vespa daniella carlos alberto
vespa daniella carlos alberto 2

With the exception of the tires, motor, and other components of that nature, everything else on this Vespa Scooter is made with wood.  From the panels to the wheels to the seat and all the way down to the kickstand, it’s all wood.  Any parts that Alberto couldn’t craft from wood were seamlessly hidden away for a sleek all wood aesthetic.  Carlos Alberto said his inspiration for redesigning and restoring the Vespa in this fashion was for his daughter.  He even named the scooter’s final design after her, Vespa Daniella.  

Creator: Carlos Alberto

1. Dear Diary 1.0

dear diary 1 by marlies romberg
dear diary 1 by marlies romberg 2

Built by Marlies Romberg, a graduate of the Utrecht School of Arts, the Dear Diary 1.0 was constructed to be a fusion of the real world and the digital world in an attempt to conjure up nostalgia.  Dear Diary is a computer embedded in a traditional wooden desk, fitted with a wooden keyboard laser cut from the surface, a monitor, and laser cut input ports.  Her ultimate goal in constructing the Dear Diary was to show the blurring lines between the physical and digital worlds, and how as the years go on, we seem to lose touch in where one ends and the other begins.

Creator: Marlies Romberg

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