7 of the Most Amazing Historic Wooden Piers

Whether working piers or pleasure piers, piers are marvelous structures that jut out into the vast sea.  From allowing cruise ships to dock to being homes to recreational facilities such as roller coasters, piers are versatile in their means of utility.  Aside from their utility, many people may not realize they are standing upon historic sites.  So, without further ado, we welcome you to learn more about some of the most historic and record breaking piers.

7. Apache Pier

Apache Pier

Via myrtlebeach.com

Situated in Myrtle beach, South Carolina, Apache pier is the longest wooden fishing pier on the east coast of the United States.  The pier measures in at approximately 1,206 feet.  The pier is also home to a Myrtle beach seafood restaurant, Groupers At The Pier.

Length: 1,206 feet

6. Oceanside Pier

Oceanside Pier

Via californiabeaches.com

On the opposite end of the United States from Apache Pier is the Oceanside pier.  From end to end, the Oceanside pier is 1,954 feet and is the longest pier on the west coast.  The Oceanside pier was first constructed in 1888.  The historical landmark, Oceanside pier, is located in Oceanside, California. 

Length: 1,954 feet

5. Sopot Pier

Sopot Pier

Sopot pier, as of 2021, is the longest wooden pier in all of Europe.  It reaches to the sea from the middle of Sopot beach in Sopot, Poland.  The pier was initially built at 492 feet in 1827.  However, by 1928 the pier was extended to it where it now stands at 1,678 feet.

Length: 1,678 feet

4. Walton Pier

Walton Pier

Via piers.org.uk

Among the oldest piers in the world, the Walton pier is approximately 2,600 feet in length.  Although it was built in 1830, it was rebuilt in 1871 and 1895 due to damage and renovations.  The pier is now home to recreational facilities and is a popular local attraction in the United Kingdom.

Length: 2,600 feet

3. Southport Pier

Southport Pier

Measuring in at about 3,633 feet in length, the Southport pier prides itself on being the second longest pier in the United Kingdom.  In 2002, the pier was renovated to give it a more modern style.  The pier resides in Merseyside, United Kingdom.

Length: 3,633 feet

2. Southend Pier

Southend Pier

Touted as the world’s longest pleasure pier, the Southend pier measures in at 1.34 miles.  Initially built as a fully timber pier, it was eventually replaced by iron sections when it opened to the public.

Length: 7075.2 feet

1. Busselton Pier

Busselton Jetty Pier

Residing in Busselton, Western Australia, the Busselton pier is known as the longest wooden pier in not only Australia but the entire world. The pier’s construction started in 1853 and was extended numerous times until it reached its current measurement at 6,561 feet. The pier is now home to an underwater observatory.

Length: 6,561 feet

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