6 Longest Wooden Roller Coasters in the World

Most everyone love roller coasters, and we don't blame them.  However, did you know that some of the most record breaking rides are made from wood?  Some of them are over 30 plus years old and are still strongly holding their records.  Here are some of the longest wooden roller coasters in the world.

6. Boulder Dash

Boulder Dash Longest Wooden Roller Coasters

Touted as the longest wooden coaster on the East Coast, Boulder Dash is a wooden roller coaster located at Lake Compounce in Connecticut. Boulder Dash was number one wooden roller coaster in the world by the Golden Ticket Awards in 2004 and 2013 to 2016.

Height 110 ft (34 m)
Drop 115 ft (35 m)
Length 4,725 ft (1,440 m)
Speed 60 mph (97 km/h)

5. Jupiter

Jupiter Longest Wooden Roller Coasters

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At the time of its debut in 1992, the Jupiter was the first and only wooden roller coaster in Japan. This roller coaster clocks in as the fifth longest roller coaster in the world. The Jupiter roller coaster is notable for its appearance in the 1994 film, Godzilla vs. SpaceGodzilla.

Height 42 m (138 ft)
Length 1,600 m (5,200 ft)
Speed 91 km/h (57 mph)

4. Shivering Timbers

Shivering Timbers Longest Wooden Roller Coasters

Known as the tallest and fastest roller coaster in Michigan, Shivering Timbers opened in 1998 after just one year of construction. The ride clocks in as the fourth longest wooden roller coaster due to its out and back layout.

Height 122 ft (37 m)
Length 5,383 ft (1,641 m)
Speed 57 mph (92 km/h)

3. T Express

T Express Longest Wooden Roller Coasters

South Korea's first wooden coaster, T Express is a wooden roller coaster at the Everland theme park in Yongin. The T Express is the third longest wooden roller coaster in the world. As for features that make it one-of-a kind, the roller coaster is built on a hillside, the first prefabricated track in Asia, and the first theme park ride to utilize three trains.

Height 56.02 m (183.8 ft)
Drop 45.99 m (150.9 ft)
Length 1,641 m (5,384 ft)
Speed 103.9 km/h (64.6 mph)

2. The Voyage

The Voyage Longest Wooden Roller Coasters

Opened to the public as of May 6, 2006, The Voyage roller coaster, at the date of publication, is the second longest roller coaster in the world and sixth in height. This roller coaster is aptly themed after the infamous voyage of the Mayflower ship to North America by the pilgrims.

Height 159 ft (48 m)
Drop 154 ft (47 m)
Length 6,442 ft (1,964 m)
Speed 67 mph (108 km/h)

1. The Beast

The Beast Longest Wooden Roller Coasters

Designed over the course of a mere two years without assistance from scientific calculators and computers, the Beast debuted in 1979 as the longest wooden roller coaster in the world. Many decades later, the Beast still holds this title. The roller coaster got its name from the park’s relation manager overhearing the construction crew calling it a beast of a project.

Height 110 ft (34 m)
Drop 141 ft (43 m)
Length 7,359 ft (2,243 m)
Speed 64.78 mph (104.25 km/h)

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