5 Popular Timber Accents or Upgrades in Homes

Some things are just timeless and can’t be beat.  We all know the classics.  Things such as milkshakes and fries or cracker jacks and baseball.   So, when it comes to home improvements, wooden upgrades and renovations are one combo that will never go out of style.  Here are five popular timber accents or upgrades in homes:

Fireplace Mantles

outdoor fireplace mantel s1

Timber fireplace mantels are the best way to give your home or room the perfect centerpiece.  From varying finish options to different wood species, fireplace mantels can be customized to fit any design.  Furthermore, they can be simple or as intricate as they need to be to match a home’s existing styling and furnishing.  Learn more about fireplace mantels.

Timber Trusses

Aesthetic Timber Trusses Installed in Liverpool Fish Camp House

Similar to timber fireplace mantles, timber trusses make a definitive decor statement.  They can make any home or structure have a rustic, vintage feel to it.  Whether it’s at the entrance of a home or within a vaulted ceiling, nothing compares to the unique look and feel of a timber truss.  Learn more about timber trusses.

Timber Corbels

White Corbels BIG

Add that finishing touch your home is looking for by adding timber corbels.  Timber corbels are great additions for just the right amount of decor or minimal design intricacy.  From adorning entrances and columns to tying transitional sections of the home together, timber corbels can be painted, finished, or custom designed to match any structure’s existing aesthetic.  Learn more about timber corbels.

Outdoor Patios & Decking

Detail is everything when it comes to outdoor renovations and additions.  Outdoor patios and decks should be a seamless transition from the main home or structure to the outdoor addition itself.  This is where wood comes in on top.  Aside from painting and finishing, keep in mind that wood can be treated or coated to stand up to the elements of rain and general outdoor exposure.  In addition, beautifully done outdoor patios and decking additions will add value to the home.  Learn more about decking and treated wood.

Ranch and Estate Gates

Security Gate

From reclaimed timber to Douglas Fir and everything in between, custom ranch gates can be built with any wood.  Different species of wood have different physical properties such as strength, longevity, and resistance to rot.  Design is only limited by the available support structure to hold up the gate.  Learn more about custom ranch gates.

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