10 More Record Breaking Objects Made Out of Wood

From mundane everyday objects to unique creations, these record breaking objects are sure to astonish.  Without further ado, here are 10 more record breaking objects that are made from wood.

10. Longest Wooden Chain

longest wooden chain

Made from a single spruce tree trunk, the longest wooden chain measures in at approximately 835 feet.  The wooden chain is made up of 1,506 wooden linking rings.  The original spruce tree trunk which the chain is composed of measured approximately 111 feet.

When: 2012

Creator: Peter Gwerder

9. Sakyamuni Pagoda

tallest wooden pagoda

Standing at approximately 220 feet high, the Sakyamuni Pagoda is the tallest wooden pagoda in the world.  This is a stunning feat due to the pagoda being built in 1056.  The Sakyamuni Pagoda stands on a stone base and has five levels.

When: 1056

Creator: Yingxian, China

8. Tallest Tower Made From Wooden Blocks

tallest tower wooden blocks

Via kaplaus.com

Made from 9,834 Kapla toy planks, this tower stands at approximately 60 feet high.  It took the team who built it 16 hours to construct it.  The structure was built near a climbing wall where Frederic Martin and his team took turns ascending and descending the wall to carefully assemble his design.

When: 2016

Creator: Frederic Martin

7. Longest Wooden Toy Train Track

longest wooden toy track

In commemoration of Arup's 50th year in the Midlands, the approximately 11,141 foot was built by Arup Midlands and Bigjigs Toys.  It’s said that it took three hours to build the track and an additional hour to push a train along the track.  The commemorative track was built to surpass the previous record of 8,448 feet.

When: 2018

Creator: Arup Midlands & Bigjig Toys

6. Largest Wooden Walking Cane

largest wooden walking cane

Achieved by Dalmacio Fernández Heras, the largest wooden walking cane measures in at approximately 20 feet long.  Heras is also notable for achieving the record title of “largest collection of wooden walking canes.”

When: 2018

Creator: Dalmacio Fernandez Heras

5. Longest Wooden Carving

longest wooden carving

The longest wooden carving in the world is approximately 47 feet.  The feat was achieved by two sculptors, Robert Wyskiel and Miasto Hel.  The wooden carvings depict scenes from the poem “Rzepka.”

When: 2019

Creator: Robert Wyskiel & Miasto Hel

4. Oldest Wooden Vat

oldest wooden vat

Originally owned by Ulrich, Duke of Württemberg, Riesenfass is the oldest surviving wooden vat.  The vat has been passed down through generations of Württemberg royalty.  As of 2017, Riesenfass is now owned by the state of Baden-Württemberg.

When: 1549

Creator: Tübingen, Germany

3. Largest Wooden Coat Hanger

largest wood coat hanger

Built by H&M Philippines, the largest coat hanger comes in at approximately 50 feet.  The wooden coat hanger was constructed to commemorate the first H&M clothing store to open in Cebu City.

When: 2015 

Creator: H&M

2. Smallest Wooden Spoon

smallest wooden spoon

Measuring in at 0.18 inches long, the smallest wooden spoon is even smaller than an ant.  Gummadidhala, the spoon’s creator, surpassed the previous record of 0.27 inches by shaving off 0.09 inches.

When: 2020

Creator: Gowrishankar Gummadidhala 

1. Largest Wooden Sculpture

oriental lion largest wooden sculpture

Measuring in at approximately 47 feet long, 16 feet high, and 13 feet wide, the Oriental Lion was carved by the Chinese architect, Dengding Rui Yao, and his team of 20 twenty sculptors.  The wooden sculpture took three years to complete and was carved from a single single redwood tree trunk.

When: 2015

Creator: Dengding Rui Yao

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