Wood Poles

You will find almost any kind of wood poles, pilings, or posts you need at American Pole & Timber. We primarily supply southern yellow pine wood poles, but also Douglas fir, cedar and oak. Depending on your project, your wood poles can be specially selected, custom cut or drilled, or treated to your specifications. We can even coat them with our space age polymer protective coating.

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Wood Poles Options

Since 1993, our product lines and manufacturing capabilities have grown to include:

Your wood poles or posts can be custom cut or custom drilled to your specifications. We can also apply a special polymer coating to protect and preserve your wood poles.

Treated Wood Poles

There are numerous uses for treated wood poles. The many possible uses include barn poles, power line poles, playground structures, golf course netting, and light poles. You can choose from multiple treatment levels and your poles may be custom cut or drilled to save you time on your job site.We deliver wood poles nationwide in truckload quantities.

Solid Structural Rounds (SSR)

A Solid Structural Round (SSR) is a debarked natural pole with natural taper – usually specially selected for appearance – cut to your specified length usually intended for use in a structural application such as porch beams or interior columns. SSR’s are the popular choice for people who want a natural rustic look with the might of solid wood. SSR’s may be untreated, treated, painted, stained, or coated with our unique poly coating.

Solid Uniform Diameter Poles (SUD)

For those who want a natural-yet-refined look coupled with the strength of solid wood, we offer solid uniform-diameter (SUD’s) poles and columns.

SUD poles and columns are available in lengths up to 36′ (over three stories). Like so many other products from American Pole & Timber, SUD’s can be custom cut or drilled in our factory to save you time and money on the job site. Call our professional project consultants at 1 (800) 716-0636 or contact us online to ask about solid uniform diameter poles or columns.

Polymer Coated Wood Poles & Posts

For ultra-long lasting poles and posts, we recommend the unique polymer wood coating to protect your wood pole or post. Polymer coated poles were initially designed to be used as marine pilings because they withstand the harsh marine environment so well. In fact, polymer coated pilings are guaranteed for 25 years in salt water projects.

Poly coated fence posts have become popular in recent years since the posts can be zone coated to protect the post at the ground line where moisture and parasites attack and weaken your posts. Having your fence posts zone coated can easily double their useable life.

Marine Treated Pilings

Marine treated pilings are one of our flagship product lines. Your pilings can be treated for saltwater, brackish, or freshwater projects. Your pilings are the foundation of your entire project. Use the proper treatment and feel secure in the quality of your products and the choices you made.

What is the Difference Between Poles & Pilings?

The difference between wood poles and pilings is found in how they are used. Poles are used big-end-down and small-end-UP. Pilings are driven into the ground small-end-down. By simply turning a pole upside-down, you can use it as a piling.

Wood Foundation Pilings

Wood foundation pilings are commonly used in places where the foundation soil is unstable because of varied soil composition or moisture content. Treated wood poles make excellent foundations pilings because they are renewable, affordable, easy to install, easily modified on-site, and long-lasting.

Fence Posts

We supply fence posts nationwide in truckload quantities. Available in nearly any size, treated or untreated, fence posts from American Pole & Timber can also be fully or partially coated with our tough polymer coating to ensure a long lasting fence.