Wood Pilings Reference Guide

The Perfect Wood Piling Selection

request piling guide imageAmerican Pole & Timber now offers a reference guide to selecting the right pilings for your project — The Wood Pilings Guide. Fill out the form below to order your FREE wood pilings guide booklet today.

Depending on the nature of your project you may look for different properties in your piling solution such as strength, aesthetics, or ease of use. American Pole & Timber’s wood pilings guide will help you find the right piling solution to make your project a success.

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Our wood pilings guide booklet shows you the three wood pilings options in comparison:

  • Round pilings
  • Square pilings
  • No-taper solid Gun Barrel Pilings

Each piling type has their own advantages and with that may be great for one application but not for another. Submit the form below to order our guide and find the best wood pilings solution for you.

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