Dock and Pier Materials

American Pole & Timber supplies everything you need to build a pier or dock.

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Residential and Commercial Piers and Docks

We specialize in marine and shoreline construction. From impressive residential boat docks and piers to major commercial fishing piers and floating docks, we supply all the materials you need to build a cost-effective long-lasting pier or dock.

Order Pier and Dock Materials Including:

Your pier and dock materials will be treated to your specifications, which are usually .60pcf (CCA) for freshwater and 2.5 pcf for saltwater. Other treatments are available.

Important Tips for Building Docks & Piers

Custom boathouse pier built with American Pole & Timber pressure treated lumber

There are three important parts to any successful pier or dock project:


  • Design
  • Materials
  • Construction


Consider hiring an experienced engineer to assist with your dock or pier design. Wave and tidal action, soil types, and climate all play big roles in the design of your pier and dock so hire or consult a contractor who is experienced with building piers and docks in your area.

An effective design is the true foundation of a successful pier or dock project.

American Pole & Timber

Consider how the pier or dock will be used. Will it need chairs and benches built into it? How many people will use it at any given time? Does it need to support a vehicle for maintenance and cleaning? Will boats be moored to it? Will it need special rails to make fishing or water access more convenient?

Check local building codes and construction permit requirements.

Need dock plans or pier plans? Free dock and pier plans here.


Use wood treated to the proper levels for the kind of water you are building in. For freshwater, use a minimum of .60 pcf pressure treated wood and use 2.5 pcf treated wood for building a pier or dock in saltwater.

Your dock and pier hardware should be stainless steel, galvanized steel, or specially coated for marine environments. To prevent rusted nuts, apply zinc or copper grease on the threads of your bolts before tightening the nuts.

American Pole & Timber supplies all the pier and dock materials you need. We also custom drill and cut pieces to your specifications.


Hire an experienced contractor to build your pier or dock. We may be able to connect you with an experienced pier and dock builder in your area.

You can build a pier or dock yourself but building in a marine environment is more difficult than on land. You may need special tools and equipment such as a backhoe or track hoe, an auger, a floating barge, and even a crane depending on the size of your project. Check your local building codes and whether you need permits for construction.

Duxxbak Decking

American Pole & Timber supplies Duxxbak premium, water-resistant decking for piers, docks and boathouses.

What can Duxxbak do for You?

  • Additional Outdoor Living Space
  • Storage Space
  • Protect Substructures from Damaging Waters
  • Divert Water from Foundation

Click here for more information about Duxxbak decking products.

Long-Lasting Pier & Dock Materials

American Pole & Timber has been supplying pier and docks materials since 1993. We provide quality long-lasting materials and our project consultants can assist with your project’s design.