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Domestic Hardware

Hardware Made in the USA

Numerous projects such as wooden headwalls, bulkheads, and timber fender systems require domestic bolts, fasteners and other hardware per bid and/or design specifications. We can supply your domestically produced galvanized or stainless steel hardware including:

  • Domestic Hex Bolts
  • Domestic Carriage Bolts
  • Domestic Lag Bolts
  • Domestic Eye Bolts
  • Domestic Steel Cable
  • Domestic Steel Shackles
  • Domestic Steel Clips
  • Domestic Steel Thimbles

US Made Marine Hardware

American Pole & Timber began as a specialty supplier of marine and shoreline products. We maintain a full-line of specialty marine hardware and fasteners such as galvanized tie rods, J-bolts, timber bolts, and dock washers.

Custom Hardware

Some projects require specially-made small-production hardware components. We can manufacture specialty stainless steel or galvanize steel hardware components for projects from bridges to seawalls to custom timber trusses.

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