8 Amazing Wood Structures You Need to See Before You Die

If you ask the average person, they’re most likely say to that building structures out of wood is a foregone practice.  However, in just the past decade, some of these structures are proving that it’s not only still viable, but it might be the future of architecture and construction.  Here are the most amazing and largest wood structures in North America as of 2020.

8. Old Faithful Inn

en.wikipedia.org / Via nps.gov

One of the few log hotels still operating in North America, the Old Faithful Inn is the largest log hotel in the world.  The Old Faithful Inn was built to replace the Upper Geyser Basin Hotel when it burned down. The inn is famous for its multi-story lobby and a great view of the Old Faithful Geyser.

Built: 1904

Rooms: 300+

City: West Yellowstone, Montana

7. Hangar B

Tillamook Air Museum, home to the world’s largest clear-span wooden structure, is where you can find Hangar B.  The hangar was built by the U.S. Navy during World War II, and in its heyday it would be used to house both airplanes and blimps.

Built: 1942

Height: 192ft

Sqft: 317,000

City: Tillamook, Oregon

6. Superior Dome

Via nmu.edu

Not to be confused with the Superdome, in its grand opening, the Superior Dome was donned as the largest wooden dome and the overall fifth largest dome in the world.  It is home to the Northern Michigan University Wildcats football and athletic teams.

Built: 1991

Capacity: 8,000

Cubic ft: 16,135,907

City: Marquette, Michigan

5. Bullitt Center

Bullitt Center

Built to be have a 250 year lifespan, this heavy timber structure is one of the largest net positive energy buildings in the world. The building being equipped with solar panels, rainwater-to-potable water, and its own compost sewage has made it a certified living building. The Bullitt Center is home to the Bullitt Foundation, the University of Washington, Sonos, and more.

Built: 2012

Floors: 6

Sqft: 52,000

City: Seattle, Washington

4. T3

t3 minneapolis

T3, short for, timber, technology, transit, opened its doors in November 2016 as the largest mass timber building in the United States.  The T3 provides retail and office spaces for lease.

Built: 2016

Floors: 7

Sqft: 220,000

City: Minneapolis, Minnesota

3. Brock Commons Tallwood House

Brock Commons Tallwood House

As of September 2017, the Brock Commons Tallwood House is the tallest contemporary wood building.  The construction of the mass timber building was completed less than 70 days after the prefabricated components arrived on site.  The Brock Commons Tallwood House’s tenants are students of the University of British Columbia.

Built: 2017

Height: 190ft

Floors: 18

Resident Occupancy: 400

City: Vancouver, Canada

2. Albina Yard

Albina Yard

Built as a creative office space for small businesses, the Albina Yard mass timber building was the first to use domestically fabricated cross laminated timber in the United States.  Just minutes from downtown Portland, the structure was built with the intention of paving the way for the adoption of more renewable mass timber construction technologies.

Built: 2017

Height: 190ft

Sqft: 16,000

City: Portland, Oregon

1. Carbon12


Via carbon12pdx.com

Upon its completion in 2018, the residential condominiums became the tallest wooden building in the United States.  Carbon12 claims to be better equipped to handle any natural disaster than any other residential building in the United States.  You can find this glass and timber structural showcase in the Mississippi District of Portland.

Built: 2018

Height: 85ft

Floors: 8

Sqft: 42,000

City: Portland, Oregon

Future of Construction

With wood proving to be a strong contender in the field of constructing bigger and taller structurally sound buildings, it’s without a doubt there will be more to add to the list in the near future.  We’re already keeping an eye on the Ascent tower in Milwaukee, the River Beech Tower in Chicago, and Canada’s Earth Tower in Vancouver.

Be sure to check back often, and don’t hesitate to contact us if you have an idea for a project.  We have designers on staff to assist and we provide nationwide shipping for our wood products.