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A Thai-registered company established in 1996 with its head quarters located in Bangkok. They have two shows rooms; One is located in Bangna and the other in the Puttamonthon area, west of Bangkok. Home Builders Production Co. specializes in the design and construction of American Architectural style home and the sale and distribution of specialty building products such as those from American Pole & Timber.

Distribution Region

Home Builders Production Company distributes products from American Pole & Timber in Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Brunei, Laos, Myanmar, and India.

The American Pole & Timber products primarily distributed by Home Builders Production Company include:

  • Gun Barrel Pilings® and Poles
  • Tapered Poles and Pilings
  • General manufactured and structural wood components and products


If you are in one of the regions served by Home Builders Production Company, you may contact them directly:

E-Mail: info@homebuilders.co.th
Telephone: 02-8888-256-7,02-441-2201,086-376-7617