Green Building Materials

We are increasing our dedication to delivering green building materials that last longer, require fewer chemicals to produce and/or maintain, and require less energy to produce, deliver, install, and maintain.

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Timber from Sustainable Forests

American Pole & Timber uses timber harvested from sustainable forests where trees are grown and harvested using methods that create minimal impact to the local ecosystem and where harvested trees are replaced with trees that:

  • Grow stronger
  • Grow faster (about 30 years to maturity)
  • Are better suited for commercial use
  • Cause less damage to growing areas

“In a sustained forest each generation of trees is an improvement over the previous generation…” says William Plant, President and Founder of American Pole & Timber. It is worth noting that, in the United States, the growth of pine trees in is outpacing our demand for pine lumber.

iDeck Composite Decking

Green by Design

iDeck composite decking is a green building product by its very design. Its patented formula contains highly renewable rice hulls and discarded paper pulp that would otherwise end up in landfills or be incinerated.

Strong and Light

Its hollow “i-beam” design and high density give it strength unmatched by other composite decking products while remaining one of the lightest composite decking materials. iDeck’s low weight means less energy is required to ship materials.

Long Lasting & Fade-Resistant

iDeck is exceptionally fade-resistant because it contains no sawdust or fillers. Further lending to its long life, it has the lowest rate of water absorption among comparable composite decking product meaning it is highly resistant to decay caused by fungus and freeze/thaw cycling, and warping. iDeck’s superior longevity means the use of additional resources used for replacement will be postponed.

LEED Projects

iDeck is commonly used in projects to achieve USGBC LEED certification and meet the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) Green Standards.

Learn more about iDeck composite decking from American Pole & Timber.

Polymer Wood Coating

Polymer-coated wood pilings (the most common product for coating) are expected to last twice as long as normal treated pilings under the same conditions. This means fewer trees are harvested for pilings, fewer chemicals leach into the water, and less energy is used to produce, treat, and install replacements.

You could build two generations of docks or piers on the same set of pilings. This fact clearly shows the potential for long-term savings when you build using quality pilings, protected by a coating treatment. Learn more about polymer coated pilings, the longest lasting green building material available from American Pole & Timber.

Gun Barrel Pilings — a Greener Alternative to Square Pilings

Gun Barrel pilings offer a great looking alternative to square pilings that is greener, stronger, easier-to-install, and cheaper in most sizes.

Square pilings are often chosen over round pilings because of their uniform appearance. Gun Barrel pilings are manufactured solid round pilings that have all the uniformity of square pilings in addition to all the benefits listed above.

Why Gun Barrel Pilings are Greener than Square Pilings

Gun Barrel pilings begin their lives with a low initial carbon footprint because the trees used to make them are harvested close to our manufacturing facilities and require little transportation. They also yield less byproduct waste than square timbers because smaller trees are required to make comparably-sized Gun Barrel pilings and relatively little wood is removed from the raw tree during the production of Gun Barrel pilings.

Learn more about strong, long lasting, beautiful Gun Barrel pilings from American Pole & Timber.