Beach Home Building Materials

American Pole & Timber specializes in coastal and marine construction building materials.

We supply all the structural materials you need to build a beautiful and long-lasting beach home.

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Our beach home products include:

Pilings for beach homes

Treated wood pilings are a time-tested foundation, so it is not surprising beach home builders call wood pilings the foundation of choice for most of their projects. A home built in any flood zone (beach, coastal area, etc.) must be elevated above the floor level. For that reason pilings become the most important structural part of your beach home.

Main piling options

Square and Round Pilings

American Pole & Timber can supply any size house piling you may require. Most of its supply is Southern Yellow Pine because of its excellent properties of strength versus cost and it acceptance of various levels of treatments. There are pros and cons to using round or square pilings but the decision is typically a matter of cost and appearance preference.

Polymer Coated Pilings

Double the life of your pilings – order them polymer coated!

Polymer coated pilings are protected by a durable polymer membrane that bonds to wood, preventing destruction from marine borers, dry rot, and termites. It also resists harmful UV rays and the effects of freezing.

Gun Barrel Pilings

Gun Barrel pilings are solid uniform diameter pilings. They combine the superior strength of regular round pilings with the uniformity of square pilings.

Gun Barrel pilings are great choices in or near water. They handle storm surges better than square timbers because the round shape allows quickly moving water to flow smoothly around the pilings with little impact. Additionally, Gun Barrel pilings are less vulnerable to attack by marine borers and termites because they have no exposed heartwood as many square pilings have.