Your Piling Selection: Round Pilings

Based on your responses, the best piling option for you is the Round Piling.

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We supply almost any size of piling you require anywhere across the nation.

Most of our supply is Southern Yellow Pine because of it excellent properties of strength versus cost and its acceptance of various levels of treatments to meet your project requirements.

Our wood pilings come treated or untreated and “wet” or kiln dried. They are used in applications ranging from utility poles, to house pilings and columns, to retaining wall pilings, and ropes and challenge courses. We also offer custom manufacturing services — you can get exactly the length, cut, or shape you need. We can supply almost any size or class of pilings you need.

All of our pilings treated .60 pcf or greater are kiln dried before treating to ensure maximum penetration of the preservative.

Benefits of round pilings:

  • Treated pilings have long life spans due to reduced heartwood exposure
  • Pilings can be stained, sanded, or painted to match existing décor
  • Treated poles and pilings are stronger than dimensional timbers
  • Very cost effective

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