New Products

FSC® Materials

To help you meet LEED and other “green” construction standards, we supply FSC® certified wood products per your specifications. Your products will be stamped and include the required documentation to achieve the points goals of your project.

Gun Barrel Poles & Pilings — No Taper Poles Up to 52 Feet Long

We manufacture Gun Barrel poles & pilings – solid uniform diameter southern yellow pine or fir poles of any length with no taper used for construction poles and columns in applications where structure and aesthetics are important. Solid uniform diameter Gun Barrel poles and pilings make impressive columns, are structurally sound, and are available in lengths up to 52 feet. They can be treated or remain untreated.

Call our experienced Project Consultants at 1 (800) 716-0636 or contact us online to discuss Gun Barrel poles and pilings for your project.

Custom Production – From Visions to Reality

With our manufacturing and custom production you can make almost any product you require – trusses, bridges, supports, beamscolumnscorbelsscallops, equipment saddles, you name it. We commonly work with engineers, architects, general contractors and subcontractors, as well as homeowners to bring visions into reality. We invite you to learn more about our custom production.

Polymer Coated Wood – Ultra Long Lasting

For amazing longevity, add an ultra-protective coating of our unique polymer coating on wood or steel components to protect against marine borers, termites, UV rays, or rust and corrosion.

Commonly coated components include wales and top caps for bulkheads and retaining walls, decking for commercial walkways and entrances, poles and pilings for piers and bulkheads, and timbers for boat slips and piers. We also coat steel sheet pilings to prevent rust and have even coated various hardware components such as timber bolts and all-thread to prevent corrosion. Polymer coated wood lasts a lifetime.