SFI® & FSC® Certified Wood Products

American Pole & Timber is certified to supply both FSC® and SFI® Certified Wood Products

We've been certified by both organizations – the Forest Stewardship Council® and the Sustainable Forestry Initiative® – to supply products stamped and/or certified with their credentials. The goals and standards of the two organizations are very similar.

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Meets LEED and Other Green Building Standards

FSC Certified products are recognized by the USGBC for LEED certified projects.

SFI products should also meet LEED point requirements but you will need to verify acceptance for your project with your LEED project representative or consultant.

Products Available

The following products are available to meet your FSC or SFI standards requirements.

FSC Certified Components

American Pole & Timber is certified to manufacture FSC certified wood components (from FSC certified materials). View and download the FSC Certificate.

Products Stamped and Documented

The FSC Certified® or SFI® Certified products you purchase will be stamped and documented to meet Chain of Custody standards and the requirements of the certifying organization (e.g., LEED / USGBC)

Specify FSC or SFI Requirements at Time of Quote

Because complete documentation and Chain of Custody is exceptionally important to the acceptance of your materials, you must specify FSC or SFI products for your project to ensure we quote, handle, and deliver the correct materials – materials whose Chain of Custody is documented at each step from the forest all the way to you.

Nationwide Delivery

Your SFI® or FSC® Certified wood products can be shipped to your project anywhere in the nation or even overseas. Call us at 1 (800) 716-0636 or contact us online to get a quote for your products.