Structural Timber Trusses

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We build magnificent structural timber trusses for a vast range of commercial and residential projects including banks, stadiums, schools, public visitor centers, and timber frame homes and lodges.

Your timber trusses can also be treated for exterior use and we can provide engineer-stamped drawings in all 50 states. Available upon request are timber trusses made with reclaimed timbers and lumber. Learn more about trusses made from reclaimed timbers.

Ordering Timber Trusses is Easy Now

To help you get started with your timber trusses, fill out our timber truss project form and call 1 (800) 716-0636.

Beautiful and strong. Those are the two words you will hear when visitors gaze at your structural timber trusses from American Pole and Timber. Your timber trusses will be seen by numerous future generations and will leave an impression with each of them. We build timber trusses that create history.

Design Options for Every User

Whether you are a homeowner, builder, architect, or engineer, we will work with you throughout the truss design and manufacturing process to ensure your timber trusses meet your technical and visual expectations and stay within your budget and design requirements.

If you need design assistance, our professional Project Consultants can help you select the best design for your structural and aesthetic preferences. To get started with your timber truss order, fill out our timber truss project form or call 1 (800) 716-0636 or contact us online.

Your timber trusses will be made using southern yellow pine, Douglas fir, western red cedar, or reclaimed timbers. Other wood species are available at your request and we can also make log trusses.

We offer three options for your timber trusses’ joint connections:

  • Hidden Fasteners (no visible hardware)
  • Knife Blade (single plate connecting the beams internally)
  • Bolted Plate (aka Antique Bolted Plate)

Contact us online or call 1 (800) 716-0636 to discuss your structural timber trusses with one of our helpful project consultants. To get started with your timber trusses, fill out our timber truss project form and call 1 (800) 716-0636.

Design Professionals: We build timber trusses precisely to your specifications and will make them look as great when installed as they look in your drawings. We ship structural timber trusses nationwide so no matter where your project is located we can help. Contact us online or call 1 (800) 716-0636 to discuss your timber truss project.

Homeowners & Construction Professionals: If you have an idea for a timber truss and need an engineer or architect we will connect you with an experienced and reputable design professional to take your project to the next step. If you already have a designer we are happy to work with your design professional. Once your timber truss design is completed and confirmed by you, we will begin construction.

Wood Finish Options

If no special finish is specified, your timber trusses will be delivered “unfinished”, which is the standard rustic appearance for most timber trusses. You have multiple finishing, chamfer, and staining options for your timber trusses, including:

  • Unfinished (the Standard) — Unsanded, natural “rough sawn” look
  • Hand Hewn — the antique planed-by-hand look
  • Distressed — a rough, aged appearance
  • Planed — smooth but unsanded
  • Planed and Sanded
  • Chamfered or Routed Edges
  • Stained and/or Painted — your choice of brand and color

Timber Truss Restoration and Matching

We build timber trusses to match historical or damaged trusses in structures such as churches, school buildings, restaurants, and other historical buildings.

Every restoration or matching project will start with a detailed analysis of the building and its structural needs. We manage a close relationship with our clients to make sure not only all the project requirements and current building codes are met, we want every little detail to be just right — from design to finish.

A great example of our expertise in restoring or matching heavy timber trusses is the “Pier 29 Boat House Project”. We rebuilt the Pier 29 Boat Shed (San Francisco, CA) which was damaged by a fire. 15 massive timber trusses were needed — they had to match the historical design, meet current load requirements and the trusses had to be delivered in 2 months. Read the full story by SBCA magazine (page 14).

Not only did the trusses arrive on schedule, but the quality of components was exceptional.Kenneth Burg

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Ordering Timber Trusses is Easy Now

To help you get started with your timber trusses, fill out our timber truss project form or call (800) 716-0636 

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