American Pole & Timber


Our Projects


Treated poles, pilings, and timbers shipped worldwide.

American Pole and Timber makes your project successful and profitable with excellent materials, superior service, and impressive capabilities in logistics and production.

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Marine & Shoreline

Coastal and waterway projects from bulkheads, fender systems, retaining walls, piers & docks to beach houses and marinas.


Commercial, Institutional, and Public

Gun Barrel Pilings, churches, schools, gazebos, green building materials (FSC & SFI), engineered wood fiber, restaurant construction, bridges, golf course structures, decks, columns, timber trusses, palapas, gazebos, custom entry gates, sheds, landscaping construction, improvement, and remodeling projects and products.


Custom Residential

Timber trusses, wood decks, composite decks, rafter tails, corbels, mantels, green building materials, Gun Barrel pilings, custom ranch gates.


Zoos, Theme Parks, and Amusement Parks

Timber trusses, corbels, polymer coated wood, bridge materials, Gun Barrel Pilings, FSC & SFI Certified materials, custom entry gates, gazebos and decking materials.


Industrial Wood Projects

Equipment saddles, equipment supports, pipe supports, timber trusses, Gun Barrel Pilings, corbels, cribbing and OEM timber products.


Custom Wood Products (& OEM Timber Products)

Gun Barrel Pilings, timber trusses, custom corbels, wooden arches, bridges, bulkheads, ship fender systems, transport skids, crane mates, barn components, custom ranch gates, trailer components, mechanically connected beams, custom milling, OEM timber products, and industrial wood products


Farm & Ranch Building Materials

Barns and pole barns, treated fence posts, corrals, and stalls, stables, arenas, custom ranch gates, engineered wood fiber, full line of farm and ranch supplies.


International Shipping & Projects

HT stamped wood, timber crating, equipment saddles, pipe supports, timbers, pilings and poles, structural wood components, lumber, bulkhead materials, vinyl sheet piling, hardware, blocking & cribbing.