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Domed drilled 6x8 posts

American Pole & Timber supplies southern yellow pine treated poles and posts for projects across the nation. We ship directly to your project from one of our locations or supply partners. From treated fence posts, to #1 treated posts, to solid structural columns (see below), we can supply your treated posts and pole needs.

Call our Project Consultants at 1 (800) 716-0636 to answer any questions you may have. You may also contact us online - we will respond quickly.


Treated Posts and Poles - treated barn poles and treated fence posts

Many farm and ranch projects across the nation are built using American Pole and Timber treated barn poles and treated fence posts. Your treated poles and posts will be delivered to you according to your specifications and materials list.

For extra longevity, you should consider asking us to coat the bases of your treated barn poles with our special polymer wood coating. Call us at 1 (800) 716-0636 to discuss your barn or fence project.


Testimonial for Posts & Columns

Treated Posts and Poles - treated dock poles, pier and bulkhead pilings

Treated posts and poles used for marine or shoreline construction should be treated to a higher retention level than poles and posts for farm and ranch projects. The life of your marine structure will be greatly affected by ensuring you are using the proper treatment for your project. Poles and pilings used in freshwater usually require a treatment of .60 pcf whereas treated poles and pilings used in saltwater will require a much higher retention level of 2.5 pcf.

We will help you make sure your treated poles are the best for your project and we ship anywhere. We can also pre-drill, pre-cut, or customize poles to your specifications.


Small Treated Pole and Post Size Chart

All sizes available in any treatment level - .40, .60, .80, 2.5 pcf Call (800) 460-8627

Size* 6.5' 8' 10' 12' 14' 16' 18' 20' 25'
2” Top Stock Avail Avail N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
3” Top Stock Stock Avail N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
4” Top Stock Stock Stock Stock Stock Stock N/A N/A N/A
5” Top Avail Stock Stock Stock Stock Stock Stock Stock Stock
6” Top Avail Stock Stock Stock Stock Stock Stock Stock Stock
7” Top Avail Stock Stock Stock Stock Stock Stock Stock Stock
8” Top Avail Stock Stock Stock Stock Stock Stock Stock Stock

*Poles and posts taper approximately 1" in diameter per ten feet of length
*All sizes and lengths can be treated to .40, .60, .80, or 2.5 pcf

Looking for large poles and pilings? Click here.


Treated Posts and Poles that Last Longer - Cost Effective Longevity

KILN DRY Before Treatment - The most common failure of a post or pole is rot and decay at the ground line. By kiln drying your posts before they are treated, we significantly increase the life of your project.


Kiln drying pulls excess moisture from the post or pole allowing the pressure treatment to fully penetrate the wood. The additional cost of this service is minimal (usually less than $1 for a 4" Top x 8 ft post), especially considering the fact that the pre-drying will effectively double the life of a post used for a fence. Contact us online to ask about pre-drying poles.

Polymer Wood Coating - For an ultra long-lasting treated barn pole or fence post, zone coat the wood at the ground line with long lasting polymer wood coating. The special poly wood coating is sprayed on at our manufacturing facilities and creates an impenetrable barrier to termites and marine borers. Polymer coated wood is used commonly in marine environments to shield treated poles and pilings from harmful marine borers and the harsh water environment.


#1 Grade Treated Posts with NO TAPER - farm, ranch, and fence

We supply #1 NON-tapered treated posts in 6.5 ft and 8 ft lengths. These beautiful posts come in 4, 5, and 6 inch diameters and are excellent for projects where appearance is a major factor. Your farm or ranch will look amazing with a fence made of #1 uniform diameter treated fence posts.


Solid Uniform Diameter Poles Up to 52 Feet Long (No-Taper Poles)

We manufacture solid uniform diameter Gun Barrel pilings - solid wood poles with no taper used for pilings and columns in applications where structure and aesthetics are important. Solid uniform diameter Gun Barrel poles and pilings make impressive columns, are structurally sound, and are available in lengths up to 52 feet and diameters up to 20 inches. They can be treated or remain untreated.

Call our experienced product consultants at 800-460-8627 or contact us online to discuss posts and poles for your project.


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